PLEG Introduction Tutorial for Creating Advanced Scenes for Vera

This video is a short introduction to using the Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG). PLEG is an app for the Vera (z-wave home automation device) that is really helpful for programming advanced home automation logical scenes. For more information on PLEG see the Mi Casa Verde forum ( and Richard Schaefer’s site:

21 Replies to “PLEG Introduction Tutorial for Creating Advanced Scenes for Vera”

  1. Michael Hinchey

    Ding ding. My light switch just turned on. You made it very simple to understand. I know this was a basic instruction and I understand that this does some intense stuff with zwave devices. Super excited that I slightly understand it , thanks to u.

  2. Ramon Carranza

    Hi Pete, just wondering if you had any trouble setting up the PLEG plugin on Veralite. I'm also using UI5, I've downloaded it along with the Timer and Core plugins, but when I go to "Edit" it will not load at at all. It tries to open, but it goes on for ever with no success.

  3. Todd Mathewson

    Hi Pete! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the time you have taken to help those of us getting started with the finer aspects of the Vera system. Your videos on PLEG and the ability to see how you set up your system really fast tracks the learning curve I believe.
    Sincerely, Todd

  4. Sam Nhean

    Hi Pete – I myself am also a very visual learner … and got stumped looking through PLEG and luup videos. I'd like some help programming my Vera to send me a text if I left my garage door opened for longer than 10 minutes. Is this possible?

  5. Dave A

    This was great!!! After reading the PDF doc I was still lost. I now have an outlet turning on my bird bath heated in the day when it's freezing and off at night regardless of temp. I figure birds don't drink at night so why waste the energy. It's all downhill from here. Thanks much for making this vid, I'd still be lost without it. Learning about the virtual switches was great as well for testing.

  6. Frank Montanaro

    Awesome, I'm considering a Vera purchase in the future and the other basic scene tutorial videos seemed to be lacking conditional/state logic for scenes I have in mind. Looks like this is something that would solve that problem.

  7. Klaus Nabinger

    Hi, Pete B! First, thank you so much for doing this video. Helps a lot!
    Second, as a new user, I am struggling on using my aeron sensor to keep the lights on when I am in the room, as it keeps turning it off then on again. So I noticed your first example would solve my problem. 
    Would you mind to make a video, step by step, on how to make the sensor NOT turn off the lights whenn there is movement and then after like 5 seconds, if no movement, then turn the lights off?
    Anyway, great job!

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