29 Replies to “PlayStation Developer Interview (PS5 Exclusive!!! )”

  1. Lone2wander

    17:50 Dev talks about the game he is developing

    26:38 breaks down SSD in PS5

    35:00 talks about fake 4k rumors

    36:30 Dev talks about swapping from MS to Sony

    41:00 Dev talks about cross gen limitations

    49:30 Dual Sense

    50:50 ray tracing and assets streaming

    59:00 Dev talks a bit on VR and VR games

    1:01:36 Marlon asked DEV about dlss

    1:07:55 Smart shift and variable frequencies

    1:13:47 Tflops don't matter

    1:19:20 can games developed for ps5 run on xsx

    1:21:10 ask Dev about his thoughts on PS5 design and UI

    1:24:00 game file sizes

    1:39:00 about pre-order

    1:45:00 about a PS5 sells

    1:47:00 back compat

    1:55:50 devs take on Halo

  2. Gosub Reboot

    This guy is not a dev, "Ray tracing has been around for 15 years" Wrong, ray tracing has been around since 1979, I make that 41 years. Is this the biggest fake interview ever

  3. Catholitic converter

    You want to know whats's crazy? I only found this thanks to some sort of xbox fanboy posting a load of links promoting the xbox series x. Like links to scorn devs etc , Imagine how surprised I was when I clicked this link. He obviously hasn't watched it.

    Anyway great content, and you have gained a new subscriber. Good luck in the future.

  4. brokedownsystem

    hard drive sizes are going to be an issue bc a lot of people have self-control issues and can’t actually manage to focus on one game, finish it, and then move onto the next. 😅 Then there’s the issue of ongoing online MP games that are monstrous in size….sometimes those get played for years and years.

  5. Super Trendy Money Maker

    Great 👍 interview dude you ask the right questions. Hypeman Xbox fan Dealer Gaming thinks 🤔 you have an agenda and comment about Ratchet and Clank can run Xbox Series X. Lol 😂 he funny trying to throw shades smh 🤦‍♂️

  6. Pravvin P

    I just saw costume kingdom trailer. Really liked it. If game lives the same expectations as of trailer i am gonna buy. As i am looking for a good indie game for a while thats not hard to play. 👏👍👍

  7. Omotayo Preston

    This is my first time watching your video and so far I'm super impressed. This interview is so insightful and better that all the speculative video I've been watching so far from other YouTubers. You've earned a sub✌🏾

  8. baldwinvp

    I can’t believe I watched this entire stream as a mostly PC gamer, but Josh has such an infectious enthusiasm about him. Loved the interview! Wish you guys both the best success in your future ventures!

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