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  1. Battle Projects

    Smash has 17 moves. 3 smash attacks 3 neutrals 4 aerials 1 dash attack 3 special moves 4 throws. All stars has…4×3=12. The air has 4 for each move so 4×4 is 16. 16+12+dash=29. 29+4 throws is 33. Damn

  2. JJ A

    I actually enjoy PlayStation all-stars battle royale but of course the new trend is to hate on this game now,plus I don't why people would what to be more like smash bros sense it already took the inspiration you have to pick one or the other. You either want to be a rip off or not. Personally what don't like is how people say its a rip off because of the style and not the gameplay."I guess sonic is a rip off of Mario sense they both look like platformers,i guess god of war 4 is a copy of the last of us sense it about the main character and child character,i guess battlefield is are rip off of call of duty sense they both look the same." This notion kills games and ultimately the popular game gets to be the top and when something takes inspiration from that they consider to be a rip off. Realize that a lot of franchise like final fantasy 7 took inspiration from other franchise like dragon quest and how just because a game takes inspiration and the style looks the same doesn't mean the gameplay isn't,and it's especially different when it comes to story. Think about PlayStation all-stars battle royale is gaining meter to kill your opponent and level 3 are especially op and different sense it instantly kill the opponent most of the time and the game requires to do a lot more grabs to bring there ap down and the has there different buttons and there two special buttons instead of one. Plus this game is a lot more combo heavy than smash bros and finding combos is easier. (also at time the newest smash bros game was brawl and PlayStation all-stars had in there stages bosses that attacked in the middle of the fight basically hazards and than with smash bros 4 came out it had boss character stages like the Mega man and Ridley stage and in smash ultimate they added final smashes as a meter,not trying to smash 4 or ultimate is a rip off ,especially sense I like smash bros but it goes to show you how much videogames take inspiration from other games while still being unique and it's own thing because of the story but sometimes it has troupes but most importantly how the gameplay plays and how the mechanics work.) I can see why people may not like this game personally sense matches in PlayStation all-stars can be really long especially in stock and for how level 3s can be, plus the roster could be better like added characters like Crash, Spyro, Ty, Gex, Rayman,but don't listen to people that say a game is bad because it's similar to this game especially if the thing there comparing to is popular and you see something in the gameplay they can't, because listening to people like that will make you enjoy less and less games and just try the popular stuff and keep in all this stuff will get dated overtime just like any other game. Sadly the popular games will always be top and when something takes inspiration from that it's put aside. I hope the gaming forgets about this mentality future because then it's just makes developers not know what to do at this point. I know this video is a joke. 🙂

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