PlayStation 5 vs PS5 Digital Edition: A Cheaper Price For a Discless Machine?

Rich looks back on the literally immense reveal for PlayStation 5. What have we learned from the machine’s physical form-factor? And can the surprise debut for the PS5 Digital Edition reduce the cost price of the machine – and if so, realistically by how much? We’ve got some maths together, but based on how the new generation has unfolded so far, maybe there are further surprises to come…

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28 Replies to “PlayStation 5 vs PS5 Digital Edition: A Cheaper Price For a Discless Machine?”

  1. justitgstuff

    Got a digital One S early 2020 thinking I'd just be using it for game pass. Regretted it pretty quickly due to all the deals on ebay and local game stores for physical copies. I'm kind of a game collector now lol.

  2. ManosToroRosso

    If PlayStation Store has descend sales every other month, the Digital Edition might be a good choice. Although what happens if your acount is banned? Can you play? Can you buy games? If not ,Can you make a second account to buy games or will the console be bricked?

  3. Corey

    If you consider the digital edition is the lowest price point they can go before they start losing money, then add in the $20 for the disc drive, they're making $80 on the version with the drive, right?. @digitalfoundry

  4. DE Media Sound

    The digital version is no different than mobile phones that play games with no physical media. Mobile phone gaming is growing faster and those devices outnumber the home consoles. Already the PS5 is known as OG PS5, they'll just make it smaller and slimmer in 2 to 3 years. I'm going minimalist anyway and I'm trading physical media in for growth stocks in Sony and Microsoft. Takes no space and grows faster than the value of most games. They can always add a disc drive to all digital systems via USB if they want in the future. Xbox 360 had an HD DVD separate disc drive.

  5. Eli Anto

    Richard mentions the cost of the hardware of the disc drive but that’s not all that is involved.
    If it plays DVDs (which it should) there’s a licensing fee that is involved too. Same goes with Blu-ray movies. Even though Sony owns Blu-ray, there is still a licence required to play movies on the machine. This fee will be included in the extra pricing. Consumers do not just pay for the hardware but any software/licensing that is included, in addition to any losses for Sony due to physical games vs digital games.

  6. Jeffro Page

    Ssd hard drive is way too small to go without a disk. You won’t end of saving a dime and actually end up costing more when you try to get a ssd drive with the same specs as Sony will require.

  7. Typhoon820

    Dont not buy the digital one What happens when they shut it down like they did with the ps2/ps3 can't download games paid for this is a complete waste of time when im old and have kids dig this out wont be able to do anything because they shut it down think of the future

  8. Mary Elizibeth

    Isn't is weird how 7 years ago everyone was making such a big deal of no used games and required online connectivity on xbox one.. Yet here were are 7 years later, people are willingly choosing to buy a console doesn't have disc drive. Meaning no used games and you pretty much require a strong internet connection to download all your games… So maybe those requirements weren't that bad in the first place?

  9. rina a

    I like the way the Sony fanboys who are now defending the Anti retail discless PS 5AD are the same ones who said Microsoft were anti retail etc for releasing one

  10. dskwared2u

    I've built several PC's but I'm certainly not an expert. I guess it's too much to ask for mesh grills or removable filters on consoles (cost factor)? What about an external disk drive choice?

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