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  1. K3nn3H aka K3

    Sony need to sort this m.2 internal drive out so we all can upgrade as M$ had the right idea with upgrading the Series X/S expandable storage from day one and not months down the line .
    Yes I have both Series X/S consoles upgraded with external storage which is great ,but i want to upgrade my PS5 as well as i've said before i wont be buying anymore games for my PS5 till the expandable storage is enabled .

    I'm going to get a 2Tb M.2 card for the PS5 when its enabled with a heatsink on it and keep the M.2 face plate off for better cooling as well .
    I did hear a while back that the the WD SN850 Black M.2 would also be good for PS5 storage as well ,but we'll have to see when Sony pull their finger out .

  2. Taipan

    I think people are underestimating the work that goes into a game when they expect a job advertisement to lead to a finished product within a few months.

  3. A J

    Haven't purchased ghost, probably won't. I bought a PS5 based all on hype, played Demons Souls about a month and that's it. Nothing on it has appealed to me. But my girlfriend loves it, fastest Netflix box in the house. Before she got used to the UI it wasn't even turned on from late January to late June lol.

    Might get ratchet, that looks really cool and I hear it's fun! But damn, I'm kinda regretting not getting an xbox. At least I've got my Switch, play the shit outta that.

  4. - Lucid Dreamer -

    Sony is over here acting like their SSD is special when you can literally look up actual benchmarks and see that there are regular SSDs that are faster. I wish Sony would shut the fuck up and just let me add a 2 TB NVME already because this is so fucking annoying.

  5. Kayla Henderson
  6. Bart Cunningham

    I assumed I would upgrade my SSD right away when available but I am not really in a hurry now since I can park games I'm not playing on my external drive. I haven't really felt constrained yet so I can wait for a little bit and get the largest fastest SSD.

  7. Simon Hofmann

    First of all, great news videos, thank you !

    I would be happy to expand the Space on my PS5 asap!

    if somebody is a bit more interested in the SSDs and what all that speeds really means 🙂 :

    All the SSD "usual" speed numbers are not really import if it works good or not. The iops are much more important and also cache sizes (also from the dynamic SLC cache).
    Because non of these "cheep" consumer SSDs have really write performance like 5GB or so, most likely they have if lucky 1GB per sec. or less. The 5GB or more per sec. is only write to cache!
    But usually for gaming, write speed is totally not important, 200MB/sec. is most likely enough and there would be no slowdown (maybe a little bit more would be good 🙂 ). All what is needed, is read speed … best example is most likely Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, it need fast read speed most likely to load all the textures from the SSD when loading a new environment with almost no delay. (this is for the Consoles of course very important, because the Memory size is very limited … 16GB combined).
    Sorry for so much text 🙂 But yes, I would expect:
    Write speed: totally not important
    Read speed: important, but basically useless if iops are low
    IOPS: important, but not so heavy needed … it depends on the design of the game (if it is possible to load big chunks of data)

    PS: IOPS, this is basically the number of operations, a SSD can do per second. If you have a "low IOPS" SSD with good read speed, it will be very slow for example when and App or Game try to read many small data chunks.

    PPS: I have not really good experience with Seagate SSDs … lets wait how good this ssd performs in real world applications and also labeled as "gaming" is usually not a good sign 😀

    (just my experience from "home" and "work")

  8. Раиса Токарева
  9. Shottas510

    900 for 4 tb ssd card lol sheeeeeesh, I want to buy the 2 tb one now because I know as soon as sony anounces what can be used there gonna sell out because of scalpers but to spend 400 on something that might not work is like the biggest slap in the face if you pick the wrong one lol

  10. T Jones

    I still haven't finished ghost of Tsushima. I played the heck outta it when it first came out but mainly the side quests. I plan on finishing it eventually.

  11. Lutsu Andrian

    You didnt see Road to PS5. Mark Cerny said SSD must be faster than 7 GB/s. PS5 SSD have 12 channels and 6 priorities group. Samsung 980 Pro ony 8 channels and 2 gpoups. PS5 5.5 > Samsung 7

  12. l33ch1399

    Finished and platinumed Ghost of Tsushima, ready for more since I'm currently doing a second run on updated PS5. It looks even more incredible, and I had/have the OG PS4 still…BRING ON THE SHOWCASE!!

  13. Kukullen_ 85

    Ghosts of tsushima was great, the multiplayer was the best I've ever played….. They could have separate stories for spiderman 2….they do their own thing but connected

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