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  1. Chad

    These companies are not releasing the price because they are playing Price Chicken… this means they both are going to attempt to push the envelope for price. They just want to wait for the other lol.

  2. Wavy Vaporizers

    Last time I checked ps4 pro isnt a true 4k console. The box itself says it output max is 1440 p MAX WHICHBMEANS ITS ONLY 2K NOT 4K. So wheoeve thinks ps4 pro natively outputs 4k is on crack and in a big dream world. The box literally tells u 1440 p max on all games which is 2k not 4k.. xbox one X has actual games running 4k at 60. Not every single game on the x is 4k 60 but there are games that fo run at 4k 60 or 4k 30 again not all games but some. Btw just buy both consoles if you're undecided that's what I'm doing

  3. GuSuBu Tribe

    It does not matter which is better.
    We will buy the box we end up buying.
    If a Playstation fan were proven that the XBSX is indeed superior, they would likely still purchase the PS5..
    Same for an XBox fan if proven that PS5 was superior. The only reason one being better matters is for the people who are not dedicated consumers.. fans of one company.

    If my Dad was buying a console, he would want to know which is best, and wouldn't care about which company he has loyalty for.

    We are idiots, the majority of us…

    the people who run advertising know this, advertising is based on psychology. Take sports teams for instance, politics for instance, gang members for instance, Red Vs Blue.. everywhere… its easy to divide us and have us choose a side based on something so simple as color difference.. You will either buy something that is Pink or you will not.. I will not buy a console if it only comes in pink, even if it was far superior than another, simply because I refuse to buy a pink anything.

    You want tidbits of speed vs tidbits of memory, vs tidbits of temperature control etc.. at the end of the day, they will both be equally as capable of playing the games designed to be played on them. The difference will be so subtle you will forget the differences exist.

    Meanwhile you will complain about how the game is stupid and poorly developed because you keep dying… you will blame a hacker, or your internet provider, if you can you will find a way to blame everything but yourself for being an idiot.

    Grow up and change your own diaper.. it's time to accept that you are still wearing a dirty one.

  4. Chad Hay

    Im not believing anything until we see games running on the hardware but im pretty sure multi-platform games will run better on the x but i dont think the ps5 will be too far behind and first party devs will take advantage of the ps5’s ssd. The X does have a pretty big cu advantage more memory bandwidth and faster cpu cores. But i hope we find out more about both soon I really want to see the ps5’s cooler and internals. Im getting both so it really doesn’t matter whos faster. I just hope Microsoft gets more exclusives this generation Sony destroyed them last gen with exclusives. I dont think Microsoft cares what your playing on as long as you have game pass which i have to say is a damn good deal on PC.

  5. Oren Moscovici

    That shooter runs like that because it is on a dev kit , which as everyone knows, are more powerful than the actual ps5 consoles. So rest assured that whatever that developer is saying is just to cover his ass, because he wants his game to sell well; and that’s that

  6. Don Mega

    Sony is not your local scammer if they say it can do 4k 120 that's what it will do people sit at home and think their gurus but in all reality they are not and don't forget about the hard drive even a kid knows the hard drive in the ps5 will make a huge difference compared to any other console out in a matter of fact hard drive performance is top 3 as far as importance goes on any system even computer so that alone means power on reserve when needed and don't forget variable is always good when talking hardware because usually it does more then its specs say and ray tracing alone will please the eyes so all in all ps5 is a beast and will perform the best and everybody knows that at least 80 million who brought the ps4.

  7. Jimbo Bimbo

    Whenever an online shop prepares slots for PS5 / Xbox Series X and puts a price placeholder in it, there will be screams of "OMG THEY LEAKED THE PRICE OMG!!!".

    There is an online gaming shop here in Switzerland that has listed the PS5 for months now at the price of about 999 US$. OMG, OH NO, IT'S GONNA BE EXPENSIVE, WE'RE DOOMED… AAAHAH!!!!

  8. BUD_Y_ZER

    How could the next generation consoles like PS five and Xbox series X downgrade from 4K win before they were even announced they were capable of running at 8K so why are they having such a terrible time at 4K

  9. Sir2kills General2kills

    I believe that the technology incorporated in the build of BOTH SeriesX and Ps5, WILL make it $599.99. SSD( solid-state drive memory )IS VERY EXPENSIVE !!!!!!!!. The reason why previous consoles( save for the Vanilla Ps3 ) usually never broke the $499.99 price-mark, was because they used the " cookie-cutter " technology, especially in the storage Dept. which was HDD( hard drive disc ), which is ages slower in comparison to SSD storage. I won't type an whole essay on SSD vs. HDD, just look-up videos on the subject, also do price comparisons from various retailers( i.e. Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, BestBuy, TigerDirect, etc.. ). I base my PREDICTIONS on these FACTS.. the consoles may still be released under the $599.99 price-mark, but-I-doubt-it 🤙🏽😎✌🏽👍🏽.

  10. Hobosport Gaming

    This doesn't make any sense and never did. The PS5 supports both true 4k and 60+ fps. So the balance of that is based entirely on the game and certain aspects of the hardware as it gets pushed. That is to say that you could easily make a game a PS5 could not do it on, on the other hand many existing games would be just fine.

    I would guess that any struggles that PS5 would have are simply comparatively on third party titles. If the X Series X is barely hitting 60 fps at 4k due to the graphical settings, engine, resolution, AA etc. then yes the PS5 may struggle to hit 60/4k for that exact configuration. There may be other configurations that are more impressive in other ways that would still work 4K60 mind you.

    A dynamic resolution scaler could be used in that scenario. But overall it doesn't mean much. Reducing LOD or shadow resolution, playing around with AA or certain screenspace effects could all potentially give you the frame time you need.

    It's annoying when people, and not just in this argument, treat 4k or 60FPS as Feature as if you can just turn them on in a game. They are a product of so many things that very little to do with the technical standards that technically make them possible in terms of output.

  11. Tommy Lin

    Anyone with a pc near 10 tflops would have no doubt this thing will run games at 4k 60fps. However if the upconverting tech in these machines are as good as or close to dlss 2.0 then i couldn't care less if it's native or not. I'd rather it be upconverted with 100fps.

  12. Pauric w

    So the guy said that the re8 game was struggling, not whatever game the playstation developer is working on. You can have one game struggle and another not. All the fanboys saying "it's over Xbox is dead" we don't know the price of either console. Both Xbox and Sony have more to show so how about everyone stop being a little fanboy and grow up and wait to see what console suits your needs better and get that one, it doesn't make your choice right for everyone so don't push your opinion on others

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