PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Price Are Hinted At By Insider

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Dusk Golem, an Industry insider and YouTuber, says that Microsoft is looking to undercut Sony’s PS5 by making the Xbox Series X cheaper. He also states that 3rd part games will look noticeably better on the Xbox Series X. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA.

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23 Replies to “PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Price Are Hinted At By Insider”

  1. David

    I hope this is enough to keep the 2 companies competitive. When both consoles are close that's when us the gamers benefit. Almost like separated parents fighting for their children's attention.

  2. MajorBoothroyd007

    I don't see either as being less than $500, though it will be interesting to see how things change depending on who reveals their price first, and if the other console then fluctuates in price to compensate.

  3. That Guy Donny

    You might as well buy a pc with how terrified these two companies are to announce their consoles prices. I’m imagining they’re both scared of saying anything because both of them are gonna have outrageous prices that aren’t going to be worth the money. I loved my PS4 but if these consoles are gonna be in the 500$ range I might as well commit to getting a gaming laptop or pc

  4. Javier Estrada

    If even Microsoft goes cheaper than the playstation I rather still get a ps5. Even if Microsoft is more powerful you woundt even be able to tell much difference and second Sony has the better exclusives anyway.

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