Playing 'CLASSIC' Halo CE on the 'CLASSIC' Xbox for the FIRST time in 2020

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36 Replies to “Playing 'CLASSIC' Halo CE on the 'CLASSIC' Xbox for the FIRST time in 2020”

  1. Regina Dea

    Oh wow. Fable… Fable II was one of the first games I ever played, alongside Halo 3. The Fable theme brings me back. Funnily enough, "this is where our story begins" were exactly the words spoken when you press Start on Fable II.

  2. Clifford Ototivo

    Gonna have to get an og xbox and a duke to relieve how I did 20 years ago…. Sad that gearbox messed up the pc version. And how it's the version 343 made the anniversary from. We can't let people forget how halo ce looked originally with correct graphics. Gonna have to do it. I can't hold off so here it is….. Happy Early 20th birthday to halo ce! I'm only 2 years older than this game 🙂

  3. Nostalgia Chase

    I would have no problem with the TV because I have a CRT, so I can just hook it up to my CRT, and bam! If I ever get an original Xbox, the first game I would probably get is Halo or Forza Motorsport.

  4. Corey Carousso

    I forgot how much better this game looked on the OG Xbox! I'm noticing dynamic lights, more detailed textures, shaders and particle effects that either weren't there or look generally better than they did on the Xbox 360, PC, MCC, and MCC PC.

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