PLAY TEST! FreeSync + NVIDIA GPUs on the NEW LG 34GK950F Ultrawide Monitor

PLAY TEST! FreeSync + NVIDIA GPUs on the NEW LG 34GK950F Ultrawide Monitor
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LG Ultragear 34GK950F (Amazon):
LG Ultragear 34GK950F (

Here’s my first look and play test of a brand new 3440×1440 resolution ultrawide monitor from LG, the Ultragear 34GK950F. Since you can now enable adaptive sync with NVIDIA G-SYNC graphics cards to run variable refresh rate output on Freesync displays, it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. We played Apex Legends, and it was rad.
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Many thanks to LG for sending the Ultragear 34GK950F Monitor shown in this video!

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33 Replies to “PLAY TEST! FreeSync + NVIDIA GPUs on the NEW LG 34GK950F Ultrawide Monitor”

  1. Alfaomegabravo

    Costs 1200$ in Sweden but that is including taxes, idk if taxes are included in this price in the US but i think US taxes in general are alot lower than over here.
    Im thinking of buying this monitor myself for the ultrawide-IPS experience with high frame rates.

  2. Peter Gergely

    Hi Paul, I use LG 34uc89g gsync 144hz bought first mounth when came out! Still love it! I think this is my next one! + with hdmi i can use with my macbook pro 15 as a 2nd computer! 👍

  3. TooMuchButtHair

    I don't have this monitor, but I'm DEFINITELY thinking about picking it up on Black Friday. For those of you not living the 21:9 life, you're missing out. I'm working with a measly 2560×1080 monitor, and it STILL blows away the 16:9 experience.

  4. Maxime Roy

    Acer CZ350CK 21:9 WQHD @ 100Hz VA panel.
    Paid CAD $599 (~ USD $450) in May 2019

    With increase in VRATE to 61Hz (CRU utility) it is now fully GSYNC COMPATIBLE (VRR 61~100Hz).

    Ghosting is present (UFO test proves it) but I don't care that much during my intenses FPS gaming nights. But I will definitely replace it with a non-ghosting ultrawide soon because 21:9 is awesome 😉 and 144Hz 1ms will be a major upgrade.

  5. In Vino Veritas

    My monitors are the BenQ XL2411T (one of the first cheap-ish monitors that could pull off 144hz, but the colors are absolute trash) and a cheapo BenQ GL2450, because I wanted a second monitor.
    In the future (when I have a job) I'll definitely slap down 1k for a monitor, mostly because my current setup is annoying me. I also need that 2080 Ti (or whatever will beat it).

  6. Henry Berrisford

    Is this monitor ever gonna hit UK shelves? Only place I can order it from is Amazon UK, and even then it's a US model, shipped over, and people are complaining about quality control issues so fuck that. Overclockers has it on pre-order but told me they haven't got an ETA from their supplies so it could come out in three weeks, or three months. If anyone has any info about this monitor's availability in the UK, please let me know, thank you.

  7. Captain Knots

    I bought the LG 34UC79G-B
    last year and granted it's only a 1080p monitor the thing is amazing. I love it. Curved screen 144hz freesync and I got it for 600 dollars new. I think the price is down to 450 now. I would definitely recommend.

  8. Nelson Lopez

    A *(Thousands Dollars) for a retired guy. Is just to rich for my blood. I would be willing to pay $500-$800. But with the price of Tech products. Ya, a thousand is just too much. Keep up the great work. I love this Tech Channel.

  9. Amiramduby

    Spent around 600USD for an ASUS 27'' 2K Freesync monitor but would defiantly pay a lot of money for a monitor that would keep me happy for 5+ years, and this one seems to be just that

  10. HBY

    $1300 for an Asus PG348Q when it first came out. Cant get it to run pass 60hz. Asus customer server never called me back for a solution.

    I need a 144hz-200hz 3440×1440 monitor and not sure if I should just buy this or wait for the next wave of high end 3440×1440 monitors.

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