Play Downloaded and Backup Games on Nintendo Wii [CFW]

Step by step guide on how to run downloaded or backup games on the Nintendo Wii.

Important Links!
USB Loader GX
FAT32 formatting tool
Wii Backup Manager

If you need a regular (non SDHC) SD card
Memory card reader

Low-profile 128GB USB drive
1TB HDD if you want to store ALL THE GAMES

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43 Replies to “Play Downloaded and Backup Games on Nintendo Wii [CFW]”

  1. usteeler81

    I tried virtually everything when I tried downloading Wii and Gamecube games. I've tried extracting the files to my external hard drive and I've tried extracting them to the SD card. Nothing works. I've gone into the Homebrew Channel and tried various different pathways and directories and no games are recognized. It lists zero games. What am I missing here?

  2. usteeler81

    I formatted my SD card and downloaded letterbomb and it didn't pop up. Does my issue have something to do with the fact that I'm using a micro SD instead of a regular SD?

    Edit: Scratch that I got it to work! Now onto the next stage 😀

  3. CGG

    so, when i put my SD card in after formatting the drive, everything is gone and nothing pops up in the homebrew channel now? when i plug it back in i still have the ISO stuff and everything but could you tell me whats wrong?

  4. DaddieDragon

    Excellent tutorial, everything worked perfectly on my new wii. I was having trouble with wads, my wiimote would stop responding.but apparently I do not need them. There were other files that the other tutorial did not tell me about. I got the usbgx loader and backupmanager from there first but the rest did not work. Yours did and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much.

  5. Yan

    I will write this comment as I watch the video.

    First of all do not use a usb stick, they are known to suck on the wii, use preferably a external hard drive,
    Here is a compatibility list :

    Second, now you can pretty much use every size of sd card, it was only on older versions that only supported smaller sizes than 2 gb

    The u doesn’t represent Canada,
    U = America
    E = Europe
    K = Korea
    J = japan
    Only ones you can have

    For the red letter, it can be a day before, today, or a day after, it depends on certain factors that I will not detail here

    For the boot mii installation, install it as boot2 and as ios if you can because you only can on Wii’s before 2008. It will give a better protection against bricks since boot2 is like a second wii menu if you f*cked up the normal one.

    Okay a big piece right there, for the cios you don’t want v10 beta53 because even if it is the latest one it is not stable, some games won’t work(since backup games use it to work), choose either v10 beta52 or v8 they are perfectly stable. For the base, the 56 is faster but the 57 is more compatible with games so install the 56 on slot 249 for loaders to boot up faster and install the base 57 on slot 250 with same other options to be more compatible with games, we will manually set the games to slot 250 later. Slots don’t matter see them as storage boxes. And for the revision, that’s what Nintendo used to check if an ios was old so if you put the number higher, it will have less chances to be updated by the ios on your games discs ( there is an ios on game discs to check if you have the needed or higher version to run the game).

    For the games ios, go on USB loader gx > settings > loaders settings > games ios and change it to 250.

    Now your good to go.

    I understand that he doesn’t have time to learn all of this but it would be better to have exact explanations for people who start.

  6. G Flores

    Thank you for this, for some reason LoaderGX isn't detecting my seagate or WD. I also tried a SanDisk thumb drive to no avail. 0 Games when I run it 🙁 Any suggestions?

  7. Adam Roberts

    Help please I have done all as instructed the Wii loads my usb drive when put in correct slot. But my game doesn't load up I have tried everything. I noticed on the video your one was showing how much memory is on the usb drive my one doesn't

  8. yoshi295295

    Note to anyone following this guide: You DO NOT need to format your hard drive to FAT32. Only the SD card. USBLoaderGX recognizes NTFS drives and i actually played Wii games on my 2TB NTFS drive.

  9. -Geeksparkelz -

    This tutorial was much more clear then the others, so thank you! however, When I try to load a game it doesn't load and I have to turn the wii off and then my game disappears when I open the loader again, to which I have to do all the steps for wii backup manager again… I tried to change the game boot settings but they usually aren't exact/still don't work.

    Can you give exact instructions about booting games/troubleshooting games that don't run?

  10. Elian Camacho

    This is crazy, I still have twilight princess and windwaker and I am seeing if a friend sells me Mario Kart Wii, but I could definetly consider doing this after just in case something goles wrong. Does this actually work? I got the right update and the original Wii. I have never soft modded so is it actually easy to beginners jajaja?

  11. knuckle sammich

    I just bought a modded one was only able to play like super nintendo or sega genesis. Wasn't able to play backups of wii. Can i use this guide to remod? Oh forgot it doesn't connect at all to the internet is that going to be a problem?

  12. emeric vaillancourt

    so ive followed each and every steps
    but i started with an already cracked wii so i couldnt do the letter thing a second time and install every bits in the firsts steps…
    now when i put the usb stick in it reads it but wont read any wii game. gamecube are real easy but none of the wii works….
    what can i do

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