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Factor 5’s Pilotwings reboot was an open world game developed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. The project originated on the Nintendo GameCube, but was eventually pushed onto the wii. Factor 5 experimented with with a kind of head tracking glasses that effected what was displayed in relation to the player’s position, giving the illusion of real depth within the display. The game started out with a more serious tone, but gradually became more casual like past Pilotwings games. Factor 5 later made the project its own IP, and developed it under the title Wii Flight, Wii Fly, and ultimately WeFly.

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40 Replies to “Pilotwings’ Lost Open World Reboot (Nintendo Wii) – Unseen64”

  1. Dead Smoking

    This would have been great for the Game cube and this could have been the 2nd versin by them for the wii. Nintendo sucks at getting good third party games together and ready for market.

  2. 43rd Blue

    Dude you really need to work on your word annunciation because I can barely understand what you're saying. I know that you're British and your words sounds different then in America but I'm usually able to understand what people from Britain are saying but you sound like you're slurring your words which makes it that much harder to understand you.

  3. Mokujo

    I would've loved so much being able to boot this game up during a rainstorm at my house, taking off from my city. and seeing how far I'd have to fly to get out of the storm- or even fly along with the storm, to really get a feel of how fast cold fronts move. Would have been so fascinating.

  4. XDLugia

    Oh man, I feel so sorry for Factor 5. Such a great developer with lots of passion who never got lucky with anything except the brief moment with Star Wars on GameCube.

  5. Carlos V

    Oh man, this would have been one heck of a Pilotwings game. I would have loved it for sure, as I already loved going into Birdman mode on the Little States Island and going to the miniature real-world locales. Getting a full global version of that was something I've always wanted. So sad that something like this never came into fruition.

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