Pikmin 3: Mireclops Mud Mash [Boss Fight] – DAY 17 (Nintendo Wii U HD Gameplay Walkthrough)

It’s back into battle as we try to take down the biggest boss enemy the Pikmin series has ever seen, the Quaggled Mireclops, & scramble to secure more juice.

It’s dangerous to go alone…take the Pikmin! Though the world is a dark & scary place, together we can smash any monsters in our way. We’re playing Pikmin 3, recently released for the Nintendo WiiU. This is one of my favorite series, so I hope you’ll join me & my little warriors on an adventure to help bring Alph, Brittany, & Charlie safely back home with enough fruit juice for all of Planet Koppai! Thanks for watching guys.

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Episode 17: Mireclops Mud Mash [Boss Fight]

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41 Replies to “Pikmin 3: Mireclops Mud Mash [Boss Fight] – DAY 17 (Nintendo Wii U HD Gameplay Walkthrough)”

  1. Patrick curley

    Dude you are so fun to watch and listen to. not like a lot of these other gamer commentaries you're pleasant to listen to and watch because you aren't crap at the game you're insightful

  2. atorymd

    That's the ship in it's form if you didn't get all 100k pokos, once you get it the ship is clad in gold. It's implying that olimar was captured by the Plasm Wraith before he went back to Hocotate and the ship's battery/engine died. (PARALEL UNIVERSE THEORY)

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