Picture Settings Guide for LG Smart TVs (2016 – 2017) | LG USA

With LG Smart TVs, everything’s bigger, richer and in more detail—allowing you to immerse yourself in all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, gaming and other content. But to really optimize your viewing experience, you’ll want to adjust your LG Smart TV to suit your personal preferences. We can show you how to do it quickly and easily using this LG TV Picture Settings guide for LG Smart TVs with webOS 3.0. From setup to finish, it’s quick, easy and painless. After you watch the video, grab your Magic Remote, click the Settings button to get started and soon you’ll be ready for the ultimate in-home cinematic experience!
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Guide to Sound Settings:

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  1. Cinnamon Roll

    When you know what picture mode you want how do you keep it as the default picture mode? I've changed mine to Vivid but it has went back to Standard when the TV has been switched off and turned on again.

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