Picture Settings for Samsung UE40JU6400 4K TV

AVForums Editor and ISF/THX Calibrator Phil Hinton take you through the picture settings and calibration settings of the 40-inch JU6400 we had in for review recently.
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20 Replies to “Picture Settings for Samsung UE40JU6400 4K TV”

  1. TheOfficialCasso

    I got a SAMSUNG UE43JU6050. It's 4k.
    But I simply do not have the option "HDMI UDH Color" on my Picture settings. It's nowhere to be found.
    So, does this mean (if it's obvious do not laugh at me :/) that my TV doesn't have that option and will never have it? 

  2. Elaine Clements Finn

    Hello, Hope someone can help me with my problem. Bought a new 40" Black Friday Samsung TV from Sam's club. Hooked it up to my PS3 box and cable line. Everything was fine. All old shows that had black screen on both sides I could do a Screen fit / adjust on and everything looked great. Decided to take the TV back when another deal came up on a much larger Samsung. UN48J5201. TV did not recognize HDMI connection. Called Samsung and they suggested a new HDMI cable. Hooked an old TV up with
    this HDMI cable and it worked fine but I decided to try a new HDMI. Found a 2 footer at the Dollar Store and worked like a charm. Kicked back to watch an old show and tried to adjust picture. The WIDE fit mode and Screen FIT is blocked or grayed out. Samsung tells me it has to do with signal I am receiving. Don't have a cable box just straight cable into the TV. I asked Samsung why would this work on their 40" TV but not a 48" TV ? The customer service person seemed clueless. The only difference is this is a SMART TV. I don't have internet so I turned off all SMART Functions, ECO solution, Security Features….all off. What's really odd is once in a great while all features show available and I select WIDE mode. When I turn away from channel and go back Wide mode is no longer an option. LOOKING FOR HELP ON THIS PLEASE. My brother advised me to go with LG but I love this TV so trying to figure this out. Thanks

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