Philips Hue Motion Sensor Review

Review of the Philips Hue 3rd Gen bulb and starter kit.
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10 Replies to “Philips Hue Motion Sensor Review”

  1. Dale

    re: 30 second thing – So you walk into the bathroom, take a seat on the throne and remain motionless whilst you do human things and browse Reddit. The light goes off and you're in complete darkness whilst on the crapper. Having the 30 second dimming ensures that you're still able to see if you're still in the room but haven't moved. It's Phillips being considerate.

  2. Dylan

    A lot of your issues go to the fact it’s a sensor not a bulb. Bulb settings, like color, will fully be with the bulb until you have a scene set up. Also I understand they could have a 30 second option but that’s just kind of inefficient. Most hardwired motion detectors even have 1 minute lows. That avoids just turning bulbs on and off repetitively. Also is it really a hassle for a light to be on for 30 seconds more, because overall it’s not going to make a difference in cost efficiency or usage any more or less than brightness or dimness of a bulb.

  3. Chris Denton

    I would think that Phillips went with 1 minute due to multiple factors. One would be WiFi speeds or distance between sensor and hub. A full minute gives ample time for the necessary communications to take place. Another reason could simply be aesthetics in their app. I’m sure there are more reasons but these were my immediate thoughts. Just my two cents.

  4. Boogernose TV

    If you put manually the wall switch off. Will the hue motion still trigger the hue lights on or does the wall swtich need to be on on all the time. What if the motion triggers the light and a visitor presses the wall switch on off. Will the sensor still work and put on the hue lights?

  5. hollywood1513

    Can you customize when the motion sensor triggers lights? For example, I don't need the lights to come on during the day. So can I set up "only turn on lights after 7pm when motion is detected?"

    Also, can you connect two motion sensors to the same lights?

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