Philips HUE Light Strip Plus VS LIFX Z Strip

LIFX Z Strip –
Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus –
Hue Bridge Hub 2nd Gen –

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45 Replies to “Philips HUE Light Strip Plus VS LIFX Z Strip”

  1. Juan Rivera

    After seeing the Youtube videos comparing the Hue vs LIFX, I was confused of what to buy. So, I bought both lights on 10/1/2017. I can confidently say that the HUE lights were very weak compared to LIFX. There is no comparison, the LIFX were 10 times better. I immediately returned the HUE light strip. Save your time and take my word for it!

  2. Roberto Angel

    I got my Hue light strip as a bundle with the light bulbs. If I didn't get such a great deal I would return it and get the Lifx. Its just the better product. Special now that it integrates to Alexa and Smartthings.

  3. Ben Mackey

    You may notice that on the hue light strip there are three LEDs close together for every LED cluster thing. On the lifex strip, there are only two LEDs in a cluster. This gives the hue strip many more color options, and is also the reason why you couldn’t get a warm yellowish white on the lifex. Also, I own both the hue light strip plus (2nd generation) and the lifex light strip, and I find the hue to be much much brighter than lifex. I think you may have gotten a 1st generation hue strip by accident or the product was damaged.

  4. Filip Wasik

    I would rather buy the Lifx because they seem to be better in quality and the app looks much better. I would buy them if they really were cheaper than the Philips. I want 2 stripes and in Germany the Lifx would cost 200€ and the Philips on amazon are 140€ with the hub. I don't think that the Lifx are worth 60€ more so I will stick with the Philips. But if they were the same price I would definitely go for the Lifx!

  5. Toothpaste Juice

    So many hue people in the comments are super butthurt they spent a ton of money on a lesser product. Hue may have more lumens, but it has fewer lights, and you need a hub to use it. It's just not as good of a product for "normal" use

  6. Jumo

    I am using hue because it's way easier to get in Europe. Hue is very bright. Can't imagine that LIFX is brighter. But it is. I think hue is bright enough when it comes to everyday usage. You will get lucky with both of them. You only have to decide which one you will use. Because if you decided wrong in the first place it is very expensive to change your mind later.

    Thank you for the great video. Thumbs up 🙂

  7. Bluekid

    So glad I saw your video! Damn hue strip kinda sucks, just wish lifx had the same gaming sync and bulb support as hue but that's not worth the extra money and lower quality and worse app

  8. Crumppetz

    This is really helpful. I am planning to buy the Hue and an extension. It really annoys me that you need a hub to be able to change the colours because honestly that should just be included shouldnt it? I think on that basis I might actually just buy a fairly budget LED strip because it is probably going to be more cost effective.

    I hadnt heard about the LIFX so i will look into those

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