Philips Hue LED Bulbs – Wifi Christmas Lights!

I didn’t want to put up Christmas lights last year so I decided to pop in some Philips Hue lights and make them Christmas colors. I ended up being really impressed!

2018: We’re headed into our second winter now and the lights are still working great. I agree with comments that these do not look as good as traditional light strings. I was looking for an easy way to show some Christmas spirit without traditional lights.

33 Replies to “Philips Hue LED Bulbs – Wifi Christmas Lights!”

  1. TravisTev

    I had the same sort of idea of putting a few of my color Hue lights on the outside of our house for Christmas, but I haven't done it yet. The cool thing about these is I can write little scripts to make animation effects.

  2. Matthew Young

    FYI: Hue makes a great wireless dimmer switch. Battery powered, just sticks to the wall, and allows you to trigger up to 4 different scenes. I got it for a room with a badly setup switch. Look into it. You won't be sorry!

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