Philips Hue Go – Portable Light – [Review]


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The Hue Go is a portable solution that also works with Apple’s HomeKit (and a second generation Hue Bridge). It has a battery inside that allows to take it off the shelf, and wherever you need it.

48 Replies to “Philips Hue Go – Portable Light – [Review]”

  1. Mike Ransby

    The cord placement is a huge mistake!! 🙁 Such poor design. It looks nice though, but come on… It's like they didn't try it out, while plugged in… It's nearly impossible to make it stand steady, without the cord messing it up. Such a shame! I will have to use mine laying on the back like a bowl..

  2. companyoflosers

    as someone who has seen these demoed in person, the amount of light they put off is a bit of a disappointment. might as well just use a real lamp with a white or ambiance bulb in it, despite not being as portable. and these are definitely not suited for mood lighting a room. for that id suggest the hue iris.

  3. H W

    it'll shutdown after a few hrs? what if i keep it plugged in at all time, will it still shutdown? cuz i want to be able to control it from my phone at any time.

  4. Daniel Robertshaw

    Hi, just watched this review and the one of the Bloom and Iris. Very useful thank you.

    Just had a question about the Go and Bloom compared to each other. Whats the brightness like as a comparison of the two? I'm wanting to use it as a bathroom light, I probably wouldn't really use the portable feature of the Go but don't mind the extra £20 for it if its a better light or looks nicer.

    Which would you recommend? Is there anything I should know about the two when compared to each other?


  5. Richard Forester

    Great review. I've been interested in these Hue Go lights since I saw them in a Philips video looking like "bowls of light". I agree that Philips has made some weird design decisions, the power cord placement and lack of rubber feet on the Hue Bloom are also odd. Say, I noticed in your Alarms & Timers you have some entries that say Nest. I have a Nest as well but what interaction could Nest and Hue have?

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