Philips Hue Disco App lights review with music

Turn your home into a disco room using the Philips Hue Disco App and Philips Hue lights. Download the Hue Disco App which costs about $5. Hue Disco is an amazing App for your Philips Hue connected house or business.

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Turn your ordinary living room into a dance floor. You can also connect the Hue Disco App for a restaurant or business as a party location without the need for an expensive light plan. Hue Disco does it all with your Philips Hue setup. The Mood function changes your Hue Lights within a themed color set at your chosen time interval over and over again. Perfect for warming up your party or any other occasion.

Hue Disco is the best in recognizing your favorite music through the microphone. Even at low volume levels changes are accurately detected and transformed into a light show. It’s the only Hue App with a real fast Strobe

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