Philips Hue Disco App Lights Review with Music & Dance

In this video we turn your home into a DISCO ROOM using the Philips Hue Disco App and Philips Hue lights. Download the Hue Disco App which costs about $5. Hue Disco is an amazing App for your Philips Hue connected house or business. Turn your ordinary living room into a dance floor. You can also connect the Hue Disco App for a restaurant or business as a party location without the need for an expensive light plan.

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40 Replies to “Philips Hue Disco App Lights Review with Music & Dance”

  1. Uklo Gamer

    at the beginning of the video i thought another video started player over this one, had to pause it to see if i was tripping then realised it was this video… -_-

  2. Bns production

    honestly the only synchronization i saw was your move but not the lights. All the lights were on and off and changing colors by themselves,,, not even close to the entrance of a disco..

  3. Marc Anthony Ross

    Some honest feedback instead of complimenting your looks? Unless you're doing this for fun, please, please, please up your production value, starting with your audio. Then work on your lighting and b-roll. Logo. Intro. Transitions. You've done this long enough that your videos should look/sound more polished & cinematic and not this amateurish.

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