Philips Fair HUE smart Ceiling lamp review – The Best HUE?

A quick overview of the Philips fair HUE lighting system.

22 Replies to “Philips Fair HUE smart Ceiling lamp review – The Best HUE?”

  1. markart157

    do you know if I can buy a light strip outside and install it within this piece ? or simply to change this one ? otherwise always need to make holes to match different ceiling lights holes

  2. Alex Flockhart

    Surprised Philips would release such a flimsy and clumsy design. How is the light strip supposed to dissipate heat? This would be great if it were a DIY project but as a finished product at that price that's a huge disappointment

  3. Sophie Ploeg

    interested in the sharp shadows, I would thought that the frosted glass would create for a very soft and generic light – is that not the case? Does it give sharp shadows like spot lights do? Thanks!

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