Philips android tv apk files install

Philips android TV (2015-2016 models) gives the possibility to install “apk file” with latest software update. As example I am using Philips TV “49pus6501” and “torrent stream controller 1.6.8.” apk. Also by this program is possible to stream torrent video link without downloading it. Tested with moziilla browser.

1. Your Philips TV must be installated using latest software update
2.Use google play store to download the “Es file manager” and “VLC player”
3.Use Es file manager to explore USB for “APK files
4.Install Torrent Stream Controller 1.6.8 apk
5. Open Torrent stream Controller (after opening first time Your should install Ace stream engine, agree to download and install.
6.Enjoy !

Thanks for watching

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  1. Remus Pantea

    Hi, can you tell me version of Android do you have please? Mine is Lollipop on Phillips 32PFS6401 /12 Model QM164E and I am not able to switch ON "unknown sources"
    I search on Internet for this issue but found nothing updated, if you have any ideas please let me know.
    Thank you

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