Philips 6700 Series: Best price 4K UHD Ambilight Smart TV

Find your new Philips Ambilight TV:

Sit back and enjoy the rich quality of 4K UHD on a Smart TV that’s brilliantly easy to use. Access favorite content instantly with SAPHI. Pixel Precise Ultra HD makes everything look smooth and sharp. And Ambilight ties it all together.

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16 Replies to “Philips 6700 Series: Best price 4K UHD Ambilight Smart TV”

  1. Manmeet Singh

    Please invest in IPS panels and not VA panels.
    You are doing everything right with the software, Build-quality and innovation.
    This comes from a philips fan who has bought almost all the Fidelio products in India.
    Thanks & Regards

  2. Goga Montana

    What is the panel behind this? VA, IPS, direct or edge? How (how much) is HDR brightness? Wide color gammut, DCI? Why are you hiding that specs?
    And some reviewers talking that even YOU don't know what panels are inside! Is that true?
    I have 6 years old Philips 5606 with 100Hz native panel which has better picture than most of yours today's TVs, what's happening to you?

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