Philips 55PUS7502 UHD Android TV unboxing

Unboxing of Philips 55-inch 55PUS7502 UHD TV powered by Android TV (2017).

Main specs:

4K Ultra HD LED LCD TV (IPS panel),
Quad Core CPU,
16GB & expandable memory,
built-in DVB T/C/T2/T2-HD/S/S2,
Ambilight 3-sided and
P5 Perfect Picture Engine (new in 2017)

Full specs:

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20 Replies to “Philips 55PUS7502 UHD Android TV unboxing”

  1. Dylan Gantrich

    i think it's a crime that 2017 models looked better than the 2018 line up. most stands are hideous. besides that, the tv's were also better. the menu's were pretty much the same, no improvement were made on that aspect which is lazy. the brightness was higher, the remote was less heavy/thick and had a better keyboard on the back.

  2. worldofgnr

    Pozdrav Darco, može li info, želim uzeti ovaj model 55PUS7503, našao sam ga vrlo povoljno, što misliš dali je u rangu NU Samsung serije i Sony 7000 serije, preporučuješ li ga za ps 4 pro i gledanje 4k filmova? Cijena koju sam našao je ispod 6000 kuna.

  3. Frano Grgic 2009

    Ona svjetla iza TV-a tzv.Ambilight moze se mjenjati nacin dali dynamic dal normal al samo ako ima tipka AMBILIGHT na daljincu,a nikako se ne gasi jer kad je i tv upaljen upaljen je i Ambilight. Iskljuci se samo kad i Tv se iskljuci.

  4. Виктория Кра

    Owners of model Philips 55PUS7150/60: tell me whether you see the appearance of unobtrusive horizontal gray bars every 2 seconds or so. If you move 2-3 meters, the image will darken every 2 seconds, then lightens. This is especially visible in the upper left corner. Is it possible to solve this problem. The Android was updated to the latest version (10.2017). The video of this defect


    Good my friend, I am from Costa Rica, I would like to know from your analysis what the real difference is between LG OLED C6P and E6P TVs, whether or not they have the HDR – HLG – dolby vision. To connect my PS4 PRO and such is the 3D, I have many movies in this format and that is why I look for a better way, the best option for a 3D led to enjoy my movies because I have in mind a smile XD93 or XD94.
    By chance you know if the Sony have HDR10 and if they will go to put update dolby vision.
    And lastly what is the useful life of a screen in hours or years, in OLED or LED format, and which model would you recommend buying me; thank you very much for your help.
    Luis Antonio Astorga Monge

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