People Are REALLY Preferring The PlayStation 5 Over The Xbox Series X

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The pop culture agency Experience12 collected data between June 25th and July 2nd through MCM Comic Con online channels. 80 percent of the respondents were aged between 18 and 34. 58 percent were male, 38 percent female, 2 percent non-conforming, and 1 percent, transgender. When asked to choose ninth-gen console they were most excited about, 84 percent named PlayStation 5, compared to 15 percent who are looking forward to the Xbox Series X.

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23 Replies to “People Are REALLY Preferring The PlayStation 5 Over The Xbox Series X”

  1. AKM

    honestly if I had a better pc I would just emulate breath of the wild and not buy a switch.

    but hey at least I can play age of calamity and breath of evil now.

  2. Enzo Sutrich

    This is one of the worst researched videos I’ve ever seen. Xbox Series will Score with the Game pass and the backwards compatibility. The information was taken from survey that took place months ago, at which time some information was not leaked. Bad video, you shouldn’t upload such a video if you’re only for the ps5 Party

  3. Tobito TV

    I still can't believe Microsoft thought it was a clever idea to have all but one of their exclusive titles be on PC as well.
    Consoles live off of exclusive titles when it comes to the units sold and having basically just one actual XBox Series X exclusive is gonna hurt the sales in the long run.

  4. dannytuomo

    Exclusives aren’t important to everyone. I am only ever going to play the AAA titles, and I will never buy a gaming PC, so what matters to me is having the most powerful console. Most people I know who buy Xbox are in the same boat. Also friends who buy PS5 exclusives play them for a month then shelf them. I’ve played 3 games for the last 3 years and will probably do the same with this next gen console as well

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