People are Buying Tesla Model 3, but Should You Buy a Chevy Bolt?

Some have asked us to compare the $49K Model 3 to other cars, like the Chevy Bolt. We will look at several aspects of these two cars, and then talk about which car might be right for you.

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32 Replies to “People are Buying Tesla Model 3, but Should You Buy a Chevy Bolt?”

  1. 1_2_Die

    Until now, January 2019, it is easier (and faster) to import a US Model 3 to Germany as to get a Bolt (here called Opel Ampera).
    On top of that you hear from the salesteam, GM will cut down the app support for Bolt to the end of 2019… WOW, what a big incentive. Especially after you drove a Tesla and got used to its features.

  2. Jeff Norris

    I have 2018 base-level no-options Bolt with 15K miles in Maine. Have a clipper creek charger in garage. We do a lot of day-tripping with it and have done a little road-charging using the chargepoint network (e.g., while overnight in Boston), but I don't really consider this a "cross-country" car, even if it had 1K mile range. Instead it is a fantastic & fun little econo-box hatchback that just works really well. If you think it is fuddy duddy Detroit sheet metal, rest assured the GM engineering is every bit as advanced and elegant (if not more so) than Tesla. They are both far ahead of other manufacturers I think. Check out Weber Auto & Rich Rebuilds channels to see what's under the skin. As far as cosmetics, I'm too shy to be repping the Tesla brand and really am perfectly happy with my Android Auto. I have a couple teens (one already driving) and have mixed feelings about the safety tech on the Tesla (or high-end Bolt). I know both cars are very safe, but I keep telling them that they should not assume the car will save their lives. I worry for humanity that people don't bother to drive defensively since the cars claim they will do it now. I'm sure people said that about ABS braking when it first appeared … (Speaking of teens, we have ridden in the back seat of a Tesla 3 and I was surprised how low & awkward it was.) Anyway, in answer to your question on the Chevy phone app, the "connected car" services — including lock, unlock, precondition, diagnostics & vehicle location — are indeed free for five years. But with the Chevy you really just use the remote key fob & door handle buttons like any modern car … except for Tesla which decided they have a better way (but will let you go old school with a $150 key fob).

  3. 6806goats1

    Bolt for the front grille, price and dash. Tesla for the rest. Dash gauges are a must, Tesla is too plain which I know is a selling point for most. Elon rocks, I get what he’s doing but the M3 just isn’t there for the reasons I pointed out. Build quality of the skate board is wicked cool. Want the Model S but I may do the Bolt for local driving and my Lexus LS for long trips. The Model S smokes my LS in performance but not in the cockpit area and comfort of my LS.

  4. JJ Langlois

    Finally a comparison video that is purely information that is very well organized and dictated. I’ve been so tired of comparison videos that are based on bias opinions. Awesome job! I’ve had the Nissan Leak and I now own a 2017 Chevy Bolt. I absolutely love my Bolt. Of course there are some things I wish were different but overall it’s a reliable, affordable car. The absolute only thing that will make me trade for a Tesla is their higher quality vegan interior.

  5. Jehuda Ish-Shalom

    Great video but you need to update this video for 2019 situation. I love your videos. You do a great job. Driving a Tesla is like no other car. I have driven a Tesla Model X NY to CO R/T total of over 4,000 miles. On the way there did none stop driving (2 drivers). Autopilot usage made this possible, so much easier and safer on long drive like this.

  6. David Drake

    Is it really uncomfortable to sit in the rear seats of a Model 3? I can get up to 100 miles on regen going down a 10% grade for 10 miles from where I live. In Standard mode would a Model 3 do that?

  7. David Here

    My wife and I have had a Bolt for a year and just got a mid range Model 3 last week. Took it to Vegas from Los Angeles that same week. We did the drive in the Bolt and Model 3 since we were traveling with our family and my parents. Supercharging was a game changer in the Model 3. More reliable than the quick charging the Bolt had to do. Took about 2 hours longer for the Bolt to get to Vegas and about the same on the way back home. In the model 3 we gained 130 miles of charge in 30 min, while the Bolt got about 75.
    Future long trips will definitely be done in the Model 3.
    Funny thing is we got the model 3 because of unpractical(for us) cargo space in the bolt. So it was interesting to watch in the video that the Bolt technically has more cargo space. I like to think of it as “useable” space instead of actual cubic space. The space behind the back seat of the Bolt is very limited, from the back seat to the hatch is about 18 inches on the edges and 22 inches in the center and it’s about 2 and a half feet in height, maybe 3 feet if you remove the false bottom lid, which I recommend. So if you’re carrying items that are not deep/wide and they’re more vertical the bolt it okay. But the depth the Model 3 gives us in trunk let’s us throw just about anything in there. And it also has a deeper false bottom than the bolt. This is without folding the back seats for either car.. as we have a 2 month old baby. Pretty much, For Us, having a stroller in the back of the Bolt uses up all the cargo space(you can squeeze random items in nooks between the stroller but nothing bigger than a shoebox in a box/container. In the Model 3 we had the stroller in the trunk, and literally had space for gym bags, backpacks, gifts, and groceries. So in our situation for cargo(baby stroller and not being able to fold down backseats) and occasional long trips the Model 3 has already made a huge difference.

  8. Michel Linschoten

    Gm will focus a lot more on evs in the near future. There is a good reason why they are stopping. The production of most of their sedans what not…

    Tesla will soon be the underdog fighting for scraps. They made a 700 plus million usd loss (a record for tesla) in the last quarter of production.

    Other car manufacturers are way more capable of making an actual quality car compared to tesla. Who has, since its conception tons of quality issues with nearly any model out there. And keeps consistently losing more and more money.

    I would love an ev….but as it stands now?! I'll wait another 5 or so years .

  9. S King

    The Bolt is for people that are proud to own an electric car.

    The Tesla is for people that want to own an exciting car that just happens to be electric …….

  10. Straight Whitemale

    IMO Chevy entitled, over compensated management , union built crap. The big three all charge to much for their services, leading to quality shortcuts. GM and Chrysler lead the crap car pack. I most certainly will never buy another Union made piece of junk! The charging network from Tesla is far better than anything Chevy has to offer.

  11. Mal Maloney

    We own a Bolt that my wife drives and a Model X. She loves the bolt because it's smaller and the hatchback is easy to access. She had a Leaf for 5 years and now loves the 238 miles of freedom the Bolt gives her. The Model X is too high tech for her. For road trips the Tesla can't be beat because of the Supercharger network. So for long excursions we take the Tesla. We have done a couple of short road trips in the Bolt, but like others have said, the CCS charging network needs improving. Both cars are fantastic. We have been driving electric for almost 6 years now, and we will never go back to an ICE car.

  12. Ron Alaska

    Also Musk is on getting a $25K SUV based on the Model 3 frame and he always comes through on promises, he knows as we all do that SUV’s are the big trend now, so we will be getting the 3 soon and the SUV (Y) soon after so we can get rid of our Lincoln car and Journey (crossover) then we need to save up for the truck when it comes out to replace my Dodge Rumblebee Hemi!

  13. Ron Alaska

    My Ford Focus electric is stored now because the charging cord is defective and warranty replacement so far has taken 2 months, I am driving my gas car now and getting gas is an absolute pain, I got used to charging overnight. I will never get a gas car again, I have to make a special trip just for gas and costs about 20 minutes once a week the electric cost no time! And I miss regen braking as grinding brakes down and feeling the engine wear out drive me crazy!

  14. Dominic Licavoli

    Great comparison. I have a 2018 Chevy Bolt which will be handed down to my wife. I am going to purchase a Model 3 after the holidays. The model 3 will be a better car for long range travel with the super charging network Tesla has in place. We do travel long range in the Bolt but the current fast charging network is weak and limited based on destination of travel. So we will have best of both. ?

  15. sully

    You save about $1k on fuel and maintenance charges per year with Tesla/Bolt but they are inconvenient if you have a busy always on the go lifestyle, an ICE car can be bought for half the price and takes 5 minutes to fill up. I dont see EV's taking the place of ICE cars until the price comes down, charging is way faster and in Telsa's case their Customer service goes way up as right now its pretty terrible.

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