Patiala Babes – 26th April 2019 | पटियाला बेब्स | Upcoming Updates – Sony TV

Patiala Babes – 24th june 2019 | पटियाला बेब्स | Upcoming Updates – Sony TV

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About ► Patiala Babes

Sony TV has recently launched Patiala Babes, a modern-day story about a daughter helping her mother through the digital age life.
Created and directed by Rajita Sharma under the production house ‘Katha Cottage,’ Patiala Babes feature the progressive relationship between Minnie played by Ashnoor Kaur and her mother, Babita. Minnie aspires to be a travel photographer because she dreams of traveling the world.
Her mother, Babita, is a woman with traditional views and has no idea how the world has changed, and people function.

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