Parrot’s new Disco drone has a top speed of 50mph — CES 2016

The Parrot Disco is a foam body drone with a plastic frame that can fly up to 50 mph and weighs about 700 grams, which means you’ll have to register it with the FAA to fly it in America. The Verge’s Frank Bi takes his first hands-on look.


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26 Replies to “Parrot’s new Disco drone has a top speed of 50mph — CES 2016”

  1. Neel Iyer

    I love the concept, but if you really want good shots it will be difficult. With a quadcopter you can stop and get your camera pointed at what you want. With this, you'll be going fast at all times and it might be difficult to get good shots.

  2. Aero FPV

    Flying a fixed wing is totally different from a multi. I see this as the next wave of high tech flyers but will be costly to a pilot who has never flown a fixed wing weighing several pounds. Awesome plane tho.

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