Parrot's Drone 'Launch Event' Hypocrisy/Scandal – 30th June @ 3pm BST

Parrot, the French drone manufacturer, will be launching a new drone this month, but their exclusive event launch invite has offended us and the Chinese manufacturing industry, there’s also an ironic and hypocritical twist.



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45 Replies to “Parrot's Drone 'Launch Event' Hypocrisy/Scandal – 30th June @ 3pm BST”

  1. Bill Pearsell

    Not racist in my view… there was absolutely a time when most people would say that you couldn’t trust a British motorcycle. Had nothing to do with race; but an unwanted assortment of idiosyncrasies that made them unreliable; particularly from an electrical perspective. Ditto British cars from an earlier era. I have no problem saying that I now prefer Japanese cars to American ones, and in no way am I making a connection to the genetic race of those producing it… but instead the effort made in making a good product. Now if you’re talking about “trust” meaning the unethical sharing of information without permission… that’s a debate that can only be settled with providing indisputable proof one way or another, and opinion seems to be divided on that one. But was it dumb to say Chinese products are bad and then have your own products manufactured there??? Profoundly!!!! Who was the marketing genius behind that one? More importantly… whatever happened to the release of this quad???

  2. DJWhoDat 504

    LOL it was all good till u opened it up they do that in USA say made in usa yeah what the stamps or the box the batteries lol i know the solder was made in USA or France so they can say it lol good catch and call

  3. Arnie Rosen

    I am thoroughly confused. I have owned the anafi and have repaired other productd of theirs. Was disappointed with the anafi as it only went about 4000 feet not 2.5 miles. An update ruined the camera as it was probably for the newer camera that was a flir type. I could not get a motherboard to teplsce it and parrot eas no help. Now to the confusion parrot only designs their drones. Everyone I worked on was made in china. They all now seem to be based on the anafi body component. If they say dont trust china does that mean that the drone is made in france. My guess is not. And why insult the company that altimately produces your drones? Not a smart move.

  4. George

    If Parrot have any sense I would expect the Marketing dept be told to clear there desks by the morning. Do you trust Chinese drones was not even a sensible slogan. Looks like they then changed it to do you trust DJI drones? Given the original Anafi didn't have obstacle avoidance and highly doubt this new one will. DJI can spin a witty reply 'Would you trust an Anafi ?' and bin this drone off on it's lack of OA technicalities before it's even launched

  5. Kestrel

    Ok. First China isn't a race. It's a nationality. ffs.
    You clearly don't know anything true and relevant to the CCP and how it interfaces with what remains of the Chinese historical culture and business/market aspect.
    The party is everything in China.
    It would have been better if Anafi said don't trust communist drones. But why tick off all of the Cuba based manufacturers? 🤨

  6. Guillaume Lecrocq

    So Chinese is a race now?
    The timing of this marketing announcement is not great, but it was before all this racism/police mess escalated.
    Not the best communication in my opinion, but still totally makes sense in this market.

  7. Gi O

    Since a very long time I am an affectionate Parrot drones fan but I totally agree that it’s an awful, stupid and counterproductive behaviour !!!
    I truly hope they will quickly recognise their mistake ! 😩😡😩

  8. AJ Alvarez

    Great video I have been owning Parrot Drones since the beginning also and I know everything is made in China on there Drone what is Parrot thinking now I change my mind buying Parrot brand because of the racist remarks!..Love your video as always Droning on!😎👍 but not Drone U!

  9. Les Walker

    I don't find it racist, as it's based on recent "security concerns" , but I agree it is a contentious marketing decision that looks likely to backfire, especially as you point out they hypocritically manufacture the Anafi in China! Or maybe it's a deliberate attempt to create controversy & headlines in an effort to draw attention to the product? Either way, it's a risky strategy. But if people are offended by it so much, simply make a stand and don't buy their products. That's how business's succeed or fail.

  10. PixVu Hobby Zone

    Hey Mr Perfecto everywhere, unless you know Parrot's reasoning, I wouldn't fuss if I were you. LIke I said before, you should go live in China for once in your life experience. Then come back and talk all you want. This does not mean I like ANAFU

  11. H20 co. film and photo

    I don't personally find this to be racist other companies bash there competitors all the time example chick fila eat more chicken or Samsung ragging on apple I see how it could be interpreted that way but I don't it was there intent lol

  12. KB Flyer

    What are you some kind of chinese communist . Who gives a shit what China thinks. They would be first ones to steal your hard work and use slave labor to build it. I say fuck them and Parrot has the right slogan.

  13. ASMR Days

    Look i agree with you in a lot of your videos but this time i disagree because Parrot is just saying don't trust Chinese drones they are not saying hate Chinese People now that will be a racism.
    Its like when I was a young kid and a saw a commercial about gaming console that was saying Sega does what Nintendont and Then Nintendo came out with their commercial saying Nintendo is what jenesisn't.
    Nothing bad about that their trying to promote their drone, it's their tactical and im alright with that.
    Look Dji that i also fly is worldwide, Autel and Skydio is in America and Parrot is a European Company and they are just doing there promotion to i think us Europeans, that's it.
    Sorry about my English because I'm Greek im not so good at it.

    Ps. Nowadays i Fly the Dji mavic mini and some times the Parrot Bebop the first one and i love both companies.
    Check out if you are interested my channel.

  14. Dale Ch

    Someone find the Chinese manufacturer of the Parrot Drones and send them a copy of this marketing campaign – then see if Parrot actually end up with any drones to sell at all !! ??

  15. Peter Orr

    Easiest way for a business to lose customers is to dump on a competitors business/es. I just don't buy from companies that don't trust the quality of their product to obtain good sales figures. Most marketing/sales people just don't understand how smart people make their buying decisions – and it's certainly not based on cheapest price. Shitting on your competition just elevates your competitors sales. I'm off to check out these Chinese drones now!

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