Parrot Mambo Mini Quadcopter Drone (with Camera, Canon, & Grabber Claw) Review

This is the video review for the Parrot Mambo Mini Quadcopter Drone with Camera, only this thing doesn’t just come with a camera! It’s also got a cool grabber claw device and an awesome little canon that really shoots actual BB pellets. How cool is that?

What you’ll also see in this video is some of the aerial acrobatic tricks that the Mambo Drone can perform, as well as a whole lot more. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy toy & tech gadget video reviews.

37 Replies to “Parrot Mambo Mini Quadcopter Drone (with Camera, Canon, & Grabber Claw) Review”

  1. Michael Watts

    How do you take pictures with the Parrot Mambo? Is this function standard out of box? My son received one and we cant find instrustions on how to work or activate the bottom facing camera…or do you need to buy something additional?

  2. Aelia Yousaf

    great review and to the point – this is an amazing drone, amazing battery life 7-8 mins. charge time is about 30 mins, fun and easy to fly, very stable. the app is really good too and you can make all adjustments to the drone (speed, height, rotation – etc.). It's even better with a Bluetooth controller – i use my xbox one s (you can use a ps4 controller too) controller to control it – only one small negative is that the bumpers are a little weak and break easily other than that amazing product. oh ya and the little camera housing on the bottom gets a little hot after a full fly time. 10/10 drone.

  3. PTG 360

    Thanks getting this for christmas pretty good video i know what to expect now,…when you were talking about the grabber you said you can give someone a piece of gum,that I will do to my sister.Thanks!

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