Parrot Drones Hijacking

Pedro Cabrera, Telecommunication and Security Ethical Hacking, Freelance

The detail architecture of the most relevant consumer drones will be introduced, continuing with the communications protocol between the pilot (app in the smartphone or remote controller) and the drone. Manual reverse engineering on the binary protocol used for this communication will lead to identifying and understanding all the commands from each of the drones, and later inject commands back.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand whenever a protocol between drone and pilot is secure.
2: Learn about a new reverse engineering methodology for these protocols.
3: Review a set of good practices to secure the environment surrounding a drone.

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  1. Mikhail Zakharov

    Hello, nice presentation! I have a small fix to the slide #6 – "A little bit of background: hacking AR.Drone". It seems, you highlighted a wrong "kill" command, the correct one starts with empty -w -i …

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