Parrot Disco FPV Drone | POV Setup and flights

*UPDATE: Samsung S7 issue should be solved now.
Parrot DISCO FPV some flying from POV and some flight footage with notes 🙂

All in all, I’m happy with it, the lunch is fantastically easy, landing is bit sketchy as its done automatically ( I would like manual landing option )

Now all I need is nice case and at least other two batteries 😀 ( maybe a spare wing hahaha just in case. )

Some additional notes:
– The controller/base station is charging your phone while connected
– Tried Nvidia Shiled tablet K1, it fits to holder nicely ( sun glare makes it almost impossible to sea whats on screen though ) and no crushes..
– Advertised range of 2Km, well I consistently loose video 1.1Km out ( height 300 to 400m )
– Motor was not hot or even warm after 30min of flight
– It uses Li-Ion batteries for controller and plane.
– Its a bit noisy, you can hear it at least 800m away ( but all delta wings are 😀 its a pusher after all )
– The autopilot is really great but not idiot proof you can still crash head on, however it is doing it very best to keep you in the air no matter what you can’t stall it ( it adds power as it needs to )
– Looks like the button to turn it on double as Air Speed Sensor tube.


( Bought, so don’t bother me with copyrights for it )

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