Parrot Disco FPV Drone Launch Demo – How it works

Parrot Disco fixed-wing drone can fly at 50 mph for 45 minutes – Aurelien Barre, Drone Video Software Engineer at Parrot, showed us a demo during the launch event in Palm Desert.

-See our Parrot Disco hands-on Review:

19 Replies to “Parrot Disco FPV Drone Launch Demo – How it works”

  1. Spartan2x

    Thank you very much for posting this! I was looking forward to buying this….but after seeing that I have to use my own phone I will NOT be buying. The cost is to high to not include there own display. I'm a iPhone user, so the screen is not high res enough for me to use. I'll look into getting a dedicated FPV goggle and either use a different drone, or if they sell the sky controller 2 without the headset.

  2. ENO

    Good Product, well done, this is not comparable with a copter like DJI Phantom4, All good except the camera, but it is for FPV and not for serious filming.

  3. vwvr6

    To be clear does The Tx Rx system for the drone is Wifi Mimo ?
    The TX RX for the video is 5.8ghz ?
    Battery is Lipo ? how much voltage and size ?
    it will be possible to buy the disco without helmet FPV for all of us who already get our own Helmet with our Racer drone ?

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