29 Replies to “Parrot Bebop Upgrade Battery 2500Mah VS OEM Test”

  1. Jack F

    I bought a Bebop 1 a few years ago, Its such a huge thing I only tried to fly it once. Its sitting in a drawer along with its huge controller. Would almost be embarrassed to take it out in public in light of such drones like the mavics etc. Can't even be bothered to sell it as it's worth nothing. Everybody I offer it to says "nah",

  2. joe biddy

    Well when I bought my Bebop 2 I found that not only would the battery in the Sky Controlled 2 not hold a charge, but had an obsolete battery in it which could not be replaced. Parrot told me they would replace the controller with one that had the new style battery. That was over a month ago. Finally they told me to send them my old controller and they would replace it, that was three weeks and two phone calls ago, and I still have heard nothing and I have no controller at all. Might be a good drone as long as you don't have trouble with it.

  3. R. Gane

    Hey Dan, so I take it you have had some good flying time on the 2500mah now, what is your opinion of the flying characteristics of the heavier battery? I just picked up my Bebop 1 about a month ago, and only have the two stock 1200mah batteries.

  4. wanna fly high

    What's the weight difference between the two batteries makes me wonder about if someone could make a larger battery for the solo with everything I've ever seen or read everyone always says adding weight with the battery would offset the additional time in flight but this just proves that wrong

  5. Sean Brooks

    Drone Worship… I can't help but wonder if there is not some kind of upgrade props you could put on the BeBop. I know when I put the MAS on my H109s, I got a hover time of 29 minutes in wind (outside)@ 100' up, before it went into low battery landing.
    Word for the Day… "Props"

  6. Daft Flight

    I doubt you're going to need to do too many more of these indoor tests but for the optical flow your floor probably doesn't have enough texture for it to work really well, especially (as you said) in low light. Printing a small textured target, even just an H or X to place beneath the quad should give it something much easier to lock on to.

    Edit: just as an extra curiosity – what are the temps like on the rear motors vs the front when using the bigger battery? With the CG shifted further back more of the load will have been shifted to them. You'd be surprised how much of an effect CG can have in quads.

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