6 Replies to “Parrot Bebop RANGE RTH TEST cell phone ONLY review”

  1. Lee Maples

    seen the bebop2 at target with price of….around $350? so tempted to get but
    you have to buy a controller or you have to just use a cell phone which, i dont wanna do so,
    oh well. maybe i`ll save the money, add to it about $700 and get an Autel Evo. lol

  2. DragonWarrior

    I was flying my bebop 3 days ago with just my phone…but i was afraid of getting out of connection so never fleu it more than 45 meter out…so i now know it can go much further with just the phone…concidentaly the flypad that i ordered arrive just 3 hours ago but i couln't test it today…planning to do it very soon…is the range incremented by using the flypad or just the same as the phone only?

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