Parrot Bebop – Flight Plan (In-App purchase) – Full Tutorial Video

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Watch Parrot Bebop Flight Plan Full Tutorial and enjoy waypoints navigation through FreeFlight 3 Official In-App purchase. Fly safely!

Thanks to the Bebop Drone’s GPS and Flight Plan, an in-app purchase on Free Flight 3, you can plan your flights directly on the map and enjoy the flight as a spectator. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to do it using your tablet or smartphone.

This flight was conducted thanks to permission from the Domaine de Chantilly.

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31 Replies to “Parrot Bebop – Flight Plan (In-App purchase) – Full Tutorial Video”

  1. Mazby2

    Today I got an answer from Parrot about minus values:

    "As this is not safe for the product, Parrot has eliminated this option"….?

    In my private opinion this is a completely not justified explanation. If I cant keep
    the drone only 50 m above ground that is not safe? If I start from 1200 ASL
    and fly to the valey at 800asl My drone will be flying 400m above the
    valley!!! Its forbidden!!! That is not safe!!!!
    If minus values of height are unsafe, why did you give the option of switching
    off the geofencing???
    I think that Parrot just ignored that option and gives that "original"

    As a payed product I declare that the product is damaged and not
    full value

    What do You think about it???

  2. Mazby2

    Dear parrot. If its a full tutorial please explain me how to plan a flight lower then start point? There is no possibility to put minus values. If i fly from a hill and want to be 50m over ground in the valley. How to do it?????

  3. Victor Johnson

    I HAD a Bebop 2 Drone and fell in love with it after a few days… I HAD the drone and learned the hard way by losing the drone due to not taking into account changing ground elevations while flying the drone in Freeflight mode. Clearing tall obstacles at 50 meters at one location may not allow the drone to clear an obstacle at a higher terrain at 50 meters. Next time I will be much more careful when I buy another Bebop 2, which I will. I think it is a fantastic drone.

  4. Shane Kozy

    I agree.. looks and sounds awesome. BUT after charging for the app that should come with the already pricey drone you might follow all the instructions and send yours off on its first mission only to see your hard earned money fly off out of sight never to be seen again as the return home features reliability does not stack up as advertised by parrot. After taking your cash the customer service department will shaft you with a sorry for the inconvenience and please refer to the retailer if you need anything further statement. They do not stand behind there product nor do they seem to care about anything but the buck they make from us. Dji has far superior products and they do stand behind what they advertise and sell. Probably why Dji owns over 60% of the drone market… Ever heard the words customer service? Parrot doesnt seem to have.


    parrot i have a question…


    Liebes Parrot Team, wenn ich mit voller Neigung nach vorne fliege und dann aufhöre zu lenken bleibt die Drohne nicht stehen sonder fliegt mit der gleichen Geschwindigkeit weiter. Könnten sie dieses Problem bitte lösen….


  6. GetOutTheHouseGoFish

    Love the flight planner. I use it for every flight with my Bebop 1. I was thinking of buying the new spark but they don't have any kind of waypoints app for it at this time. I am now thinking of getting a Bebop 2 since the price has dropped and you get the FPV and sky controller 2 at such a great price. Is there any plans for a Bebop 3 anytime soon?

  7. Ciprian LUPU

    Thanks to this 'magic' flight plan, I lost my Parrot Bebop 2 drone. It simply let you delete the landing action. To be more precisely, when you try to change something in the actions plan it replace landing with any other action. Result: it will not land anymore and if the altitude of the flight plan is around 150 meters, over the sea then you lost your drone. Thank you Parrot for this 'flight plan mode'

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