Finally found some time and a decent day to stretch the legs out on the Bebop! Unfortunately my FreeFlight3 app does not show any telemetry as indicated in some of the product pictures. On both test I never noticed anything less than 2 bars of signal for the wifi connection…however I have noticed that sometimes the batter indicator will not update in real time as you will see in this video…This is twice that I have noticed it will show 28 or 36% battery life left and will stay that way well past what I know is actually remaining. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for watching… Hit that SUBSCRIBE button!


  1. Apollo

    I really want one of these with the sky controller but they are just to expensive i could prob just buy the materials to build an fpv quad and have fun with that i guess

  2. Poker & Travels

    hi! I bought the Parrot Bebop Drone a month ago and i used it like 10 times and never once was I able to get it hight than 40 meters, the wifi just disconnects, can anybody help me please? Did anybody have the same issue? Do you know how I could fix it? I'm using and Ipad and also with Iphone 6 I had the same problem, it actually disconnected at 33 meters!! Always in different sunny days in big parks.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  3. Clay Son

    3:40 you lucky have no wind in high altitudes…. I also tried high altitudes, but it was too windy and the drone was moving/jumping around….so I had to go back to 4 or 5 m altitude

  4. Denis-Carl Robidoux

    Nice picture quality, I was introduced into the world of drone by a Parrot AR Drone but was pretty much disappointed by the very poor quality of picture and switched into the world of Phantoms…  it would have been a different story with the Bebop…. but too late for me now.. :p

  5. Alberto Conti

    Bellissimo video. Mi piacerebbe prendere questo drone, ma in Italia il prezzo è ancora un po' troppo alto. Già possiedo un Parrort Drone 2, ma il video e il Gps che ha, non mi convince troppo. Il Bebop mi piace. E' poco invasivo rispetto agli altri drone in commercio.

  6. Jim Rackler

    took my drone to 97.8meters or  320 ft, (according to drone academy telemetry) using the ipad mini 2 (i cant see wifi strength on it either), i lost signal with the bebop and it hovered at that altitude and in about 1 minute it returned home so when it started coming down from the sky i was able to regain control over it and continue flying , i was able to fly much further straight line distance (about 250-300 meters, not certain why though i was in a complete isolated area for wifi on both test (open field no houses nearby using channel 6.. 2.4g)

  7. bob turtleguy

    Great video I wasn't sure how good the camera was because I heard the stabilizer cuts of a lot but in your video it looks fine. Also how long is an average battery charge. The video was 8 minutes long and I have heard the battery on the bebop lasted 20? Where You just flying it around before the video started?

  8. Ian Poole

    Good testing Mike. Hopefully you will get the sky controller and run a comparison test between it and your phone. I will wait until tax return time to get mine. Bugs should be worked out by then.

  9. drink15

    I had my 3rd flight today. Went up to about 96 meters then started to lose connection with my ipad 2. I have a few other devices I'll try and see if I can get better range.

    I also noticed that the app keeps crashing on my ipad 2 (happened during my 2nd flight), so I may stop using it all together.

  10. drink15

    I just picked up my bebop and did a few test flights. I wanted to know, how do I know I have a gps lock. I tried the return to home, but it just kept on fly away slowly.

  11. dfizzbom

    You know I was out doing high[er] flying today and I don't know if it's because I'm new to this, but my fear of heights kicked in big time when the bebop was directly overhead and I was looking up at it! Weird man! I'm on the ground, lol! Anyway, if I sent the bebop out 30' in front of me and then went up I felt much better. Still getting used to height and a longer 'leash' for the bebop as I get more experience flying it. I noticed you mostly had a return to home fail, not good. The battery situation and it just dropping like that isn't cool either. I'm kind of flying conservatively to learn and figuring parrot will keep improving things as they go along. Btw, I just uploaded a night video of a Christmas house all lit up. Came out cool. Check it out. Great video you did- thank you!

  12. Michael Paris

    I spoke to Parott today about the issue of distance and height display on the android and the answer! I don't have a log book in front of me to tell you when that will be updated. It would be nice to acutally be able to determine this information. Thanks for the video!

  13. Lycan Strife

    My review is gonna be uploaded in a few.
    Be sure to check that out Mike and chat with me if you want.
    Been wonderin tho – AWESOME VID – do you have lag or issues when ONLY looking at your phone? When flying FPV? Please let me know.

  14. Yunisden

    Great vid. Love the name.. Were you able to check the altitude on the drone academy?  I also noticed you are missing the little rubber feet on the bottom.  Mine have gone missing as well lol.

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