Parrot Bebop Drone – Too Much Fun?

The Parrot Bebop is one of the first drones Linus has had a significant amount of testing time with… Does it provide an amazing, user-friendly experience, or is it intended only for experienced drone pilots?

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46 Replies to “Parrot Bebop Drone – Too Much Fun?”

  1. Arcade of Frohse

    Funny how my Mavic Pro can fly more than 150m with live video feed having a very small controller and antenna. Technology with these drones have drastically improved over the years.

  2. Novae

    Only problem with drones in canada is you cant fly them ANYWHERE, you have to go waaaay far out in the country to be allowed to fly them.

  3. Georg Wagner

    I bought a 15$ usb range extender and a madcatz controller 30$, now I have a range of 900meters, and a pretty good control, the setup is much smaller than the sky controller, and I can use a smartphone, also it dosen't cost about 300-400$, no, it cost me about 50$.

  4. Tyee Cambrón

    what sucks is the bebop needs to be registered with faa, which I would be fine with, but I can't fly anywhere in seattle because there are so many helicopter ports. there nearest airport is seatac, but apparently helicopter ports are also considered airports. all I wanted to do was fly 20 feet above tree level bunch of times for fun, and other clips I just wanted to fly 10' to make family videos and so. what a holy crops

  5. jj seitzbrozinc

    I tell you I started with dji products I still have several dji platforms and there video is superior to the bebop 2 but I would much rather file the bebop I have both sky controllers and the smaller sky controller 2 is better much smaller one and has a longer range there are a lot of options out there for the drone hobbies in my opinion the bebop 2 is one of the best flyers of the bunch

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