Parrot Bebop Drone: Test flight in Matera (Italy)

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This video was shot last december by designer and filmaker Angelo Chiacchio in the beautiful city of Matera ( Basilicata, Italy). The video was shot in 3 hours using only a Parrot Bebop drone and an iPhone 5c as a controller.

Music: “Window #3” by Two Bicycles
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32 Replies to “Parrot Bebop Drone: Test flight in Matera (Italy)”

  1. Drone Girl

    Love this video! Awesome work! 🙂 Well done! Love Italy and it's cuisine, have some friends from Italy but living in Ireland! Love drones myself and flying around Ireland! Have a good day! 🙂

  2. David Guerra

    Hi, before of all wonderful video and place and… sorry for the inappropriate question:"but how many times did you have to recharge the battery to make the whole video?" Tks

  3. Dario Brivio

    Ahi Ahi Ahi  … you know that is illegal flying over populated places in Italy?!
    Well, don't bother. We are also extremely bad in having our laws applied! 🙂 NIce video

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