Parrot Bebop Drone Review, Setup, and First Flights

We take to the sky with the Parrot Bebop Drone and Skycontroller. Watch our in-depth ultimate review, setup overview, and our first flights with the drone.

We really were blown away with how easy it was to fly right out of the box, even though some of the instructions could have been more clear.. especially for the skycontroller. “Uhh what’s this button do” and could not believe how smooth the footage from the camera was.. can we say Steadicam of the air!

We are still waiting the release of GPS Flight Plan for the drone so we can pre-program flights..but now word yet on release date.

More test flight videos and takeaway video coming soon.

Do you have a Parrot Bebop drone or something comparable? What are your thoughts… share with us!



7 Replies to “Parrot Bebop Drone Review, Setup, and First Flights”

  1. Andrew Alexander

    There are plenty of videos on youtube how to setup the bebop, make sure you have the sky controller antenna pointing upward to the bebop always also make sure you calibrate the bebop for every flight just to be safe and no fly aways then, i hope you enjoy the bebop

  2. Tank 62

    Great video and informative…. But the problem I'm having is getting my Bebop 2, two connect with my LG tablet it has been hit and miss to get it going, is there a sequence to follow? I'm lost. Also do you have to calibrate the Drone each time you fly, like stop to change the battery in the same area I have had to do it again? I would appreciate your help.

  3. TheRush05

    Hi, I got my bebop around Christmas of 2015. It took me a little bit to get it registered with the FAA, but now that I have, I have been using it pretty steadily. At first it seemed great, but then I began to realize that not everything is as it should be. For starters it seems to have a lot of difficulty holding a hover. I configure it properly before every flight, just to make sure, but regardless of that it seems to be unable to hold a hover. It effectively will fly itself whichever way it wants to go. Without even touching my phone it will continue in a straight line of any plane it chooses to go. So besides having to constantly be adjusting to actually fly it, which is fine (not really) it also seems to have difficulty maintaining connectivity via wifi. Today for example I had it roughly 100 ft. up and the wifi cuts out…frantically I was trying to reconnect while it slowly began to come down. Despite my phone being connected to the drones wifi, the free flight app never updated the reconnect. Instead of the "start control drone box," I was getting the "discover parrot drone" box. So eventually it came down to about 15 feet, ran into my bedroom window, and landed in a flower-box right outside of that. (THANKFULLY!) There was some slight damage near one of the rear props. One of the little square connectors popped off, but it seemed easy enough to snap the wire back on and the square back into place. However, I have not tested it since then to see if everything is functional…just have been scouring the net to see if there are any quick fixes etc. Yes, all the software is up to date, other than that any suggestions are appreciated.

    Oh, one more thing, the camera seems to cut it's feed to my phone on occasion for upwards of 5-10 seconds or so. Flying solely from the phone is suicidal at best, since at any point I may have no idea where in space it actually is. I have to keep a constant eye on it, which is not super fun when I want to take it places that I physically cannot get to.

    Sorry for wall of text.

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