37 Replies to “Parrot Bebop Drone Range test with Skycontroller 2 km”

  1. Tapps47

    The bebob 1 drone has a flight time of about 8 -10 minutes. However the bebop 2s have from 15 to 20. the bepop power version it is said can fly up to 30 minutes. just saying, nice video.

  2. Jean-Pierre Giraldo

    This is the best video I’ve seen! My heart was racing when that battery started dying. I see that you used your phone while controlling your Bepop. I just got a Bepop 2. Would you recommend getting the sky controller or not necessary? And also is this a Bepop 1 or Bepop 2 that you have?

  3. Tucsonan Dude

    Today, I saw 1.8 miles (2800m) out over an open desert valley. It's funny that the range block turns red on the screen past 1.3 miles. In town, i barely see 900m with my Bebop 2 and SC2 with the WiFi interference. Of course, my DJI Mavic went out past 2 miles with three bars, still.

  4. Leif Hanson

    That was very interesting, I have the original Bebop but do not have a safe place to try for distance. I am looking into some aftermarket batteries to see if I can get more time with a minimum of modifications. I will let you know what I find out.

  5. trxxxtr

    what app are you using to get all that information that that shows up on the screen? I'd like to be able to get all the telemetry that is shown here even the flight path in the lower right-hand corner


    I take it that video was not live streaming over WIFI, you were recording straight to the SD card ?  I imagine if it was over WIFI you would have had range problems ? and more interference  and break ups.

  7. Ken Criswell

    thanks for the distance video. not a lot of people will do this…so again thanks for taking the time and having the balls to do this. this is a major selling point so I'm not getting why theres not a lot of videos touching upon this.

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