14 Replies to “Parrot Bebop drone ps3 controller explanation”

  1. Chretze

    Hey man, nice video!
    Do the R/L buttons have any function? With the c-buttons you can select the top left functions, like options, return to home, etc. Do you now what exactly all the buttons do?

  2. Donald Terch

    I use the PS3 controller with my old Samsung S3. I have a new phone so the S3 is used exclusively for the Bebop. I have the sixaxis app installed on the phone and connect to the PS3 controller via Bluetooth. Do you connect to the phone though a wired connection rather than Bluetooth? Just curious as to the method you are using. My approach works flawlessly. Using a phone or tablet as the controller was so cumbersome. The PS3 approach is definitively the way to go. Cheers.

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