Parrot Bebop Drone Maximum Speed & Return to Home Testing

Some testing flying the Parrot Bebop at 30 degrees of inclination. The camera gimbals really take out the sensation of speed that you got when you did this kind of flying on the ARDrone 2.0. Needless to say, I estimate I’m flying at about 25-27 MPH when it’s going full speed.

You can see the entire airframe of the vehicle come into the camera frame when I try and take the turn at high speed. On the ARDrone 2, that same turn would have had about a 50% chance to crash the drone.

The second part of the video is using the return to home feature from ~350 meters from where I took off. You can just see my car in the frame when I start to let it come home autonomously.

I cannot wait for the mission planning features to come online with the Bebop, and I wish so much we could use a third party program like QGroundControl today to mission plan.

17 Replies to “Parrot Bebop Drone Maximum Speed & Return to Home Testing”

  1. sun son

    There is a UFO in this video seconds pass the one minute mark from the right to the left side of the frame, it go right past the lens of the camera…
    very fast

  2. Sani Fejzagic

    My compliments on the video. A quick question though. The Parrot Bebop is known for loosing signal and than it just stands and hover. What is the smartest thing to do in that case? And also if you don't do anything does it make an emergency landing when the battery gets low or does it simply fall down?

  3. Ned G-M

    I'm thinking of buying this to do some average  filming. Should I buy the Skycontroller? Or is it good enough on it's own. 
    I would not go very far. How is the video feed?

  4. Airwolf

    So was that flight with one battery? Less than 9 minutes is all. That's not even as good as the ARD2.0 with the 1000mAh battery. This is the one, main, most important thing that I think people look at above all else. Because if you can't get 15 minutes out of it then autonomous flight is limited.

    Other than that it appears that your range is phenomenal compared to some people's reports. And you are using the Skycontroller.

    What was going on at the end when it was at it's launch site just bouncing off the ground?

    Thanks again for the review.

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