Parrot bebop drone Full Review (updated)

I had the opportunity to play with and test the Parrot bebop drone for over a week, and I had a lot of fun using and learning how to control the drone. checkout my full review. and thanks to sproutup for sending it out for review.

Unboxing and initial thoughts:

thank you

For more information about the drone and SproutUp please check the link


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24 Replies to “Parrot bebop drone Full Review (updated)”

  1. Mick Carson

    Parrot, Bebop, Drone, blah blah blah, what else is it? Anything but a Quadcopter. I am so sick of these ignorant, poorly educated dunces that upload videos with titles that make no sense. And all the videos on these sky pests that have gained a bad reputation point to the same reviews, about this, about that. But, can you explain what exactly is a Parrot, a Bebop, a bullshit drone, what else? The model is a Quadcopter, simple as fuck!

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