33 Replies to “Parrot Bebop Drone – Footage”

  1. Ivan Pandžić

    nice video man. 🙂 I want to buy this drone, but on the internet i'm see a huge problem with battery life. Are you have battery problem after some time, and are you recommend this dron? tnx 😀

  2. Ste Powell UK

    Be very careful flying The Bebop Parrot Drone any place where you can not retrieve it if I was you, I lost all wifi connection to the drone from the controller and also from the app.Return home never responded and the drone has now gone, stuck now with the controller and no drone. Also had video quality problems, convinced it is not 1080p quality but Parrot were not helpful.

  3. Pete and Ash

    Great video, I don't think i can ever get bored of watching drone footage! Earned a sub from me 🙂

    Please check out our channel, we've just started uploading videos that contain drone footage and would love to hear some feedback, cheers!

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