Parrot Bebop Drone — flashing red light battery FIX!

So, I purchased a new Bebop a few days ago that was not from a retailer and after I got everything out and started charging my batteries – I realized one was flashing after 10 seconds of ‘trying’ to charge. Based on my understanding, when Lithium Ion batteries are really low/completely dead on charge (typically from not being used for long periods of time) – the Bebop may do this because it thinks the battery is no good.

I looked up online and found several different methods that would supposedly fix it, and none worked for me (moving to a different outlet, cleaning the contacts with an eraser, etc). I found one method that seemed like it would probably work posted by another Youtube user on how to charge the battery briefly with a different charger (for 1-2 minutes to give it a boost) and then go back to the Parrot Bebop charger – but I didn’t have the right equipment for that.

PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t a recommended method by any manufacturer, and batteries can do crazy things. Please be careful and monitor things closely in case the battery gets hot/etc. Try at your own risk!

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  1. The Drone Division / This West I-90

    Thank You so much! I saw the "switch the battery quick" trick in first in this video and after i saw it a second time i tried it and it worked for both batteries that were completely dead.

    i was about to ship them back and have to undergo a 2 week process before i fly my drone.

    Thanks again.

  2. American Sophaloph

    THANK YOU! This saved me over $60 on a new battery! Very helpful I had to unplug and replug in my battery to trickle charge it until it had enough charge for the charger to realize its still a good battery, and it worked like a charm!

  3. toxin911

    i just bought this bebop one about an hour ago from a dude on facebook, so i plugged in the first battery and it was flashing…i have no instructions in the box not that read them anyway but i took the second battery and put it on the charger and that battery was steady red…now confused i removed and began charging the fisrt battery that was flashing except now it wasnt flashing…confused again lol so i looked it up on youtube and here i am proud of myself LOL…thanks for the video!

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