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– Parrot sought to bring full HD video to a lightweight drone built with safety and accessibility in mind with the Bebop drone and sought to bring a true piloting experience with substantial range extension with the Skycontroller kit. We look at whether Parrot succeeded with a focus on just how affordable, usable and robust the Parrot Bebop Skycontroller kit can be.
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9 Replies to “Parrot Bebop Drone And Sky Controller Kit Review – HotHardware”

  1. Backyard Restorer

    Thanks for an honest review. Based on your review I cancelled my order and didn't buy one. The shoddiness of how the battery is held in and the poor battery performance was enough to make me save for either get the Bebop 2 or the Phantom 4/5.

  2. Jeremy Judkins

    Good video! I have a sour taste in my mouth from drones ever since I was flying my parrot rolling spider. I was flying over a a body of water, and I pressed the button to take a picture, and the app crashed, and the literally nose dived straight into the water.

    Also had an instance where I was flying it really fast, and straightened out the controls, but it didn't straighten out itself, so it flew on top of my neighbors house. haha.

    I assume the bebop is better in these situations, but if I got one one, I would get the drone only, with smart phone controls, I wonder how it performs without the sky controller.

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