39 Replies to “Parrot Bebop Drone – 2.5km distance and big problems – No Skycontroller”

  1. Bee Movies

    Whats about "GPS " and return Home Funtion " ? did not work ? In the Movie you Posted "maximum Alltitude sets to 150 meterm yes this is the maximum you can fly in Alt. but i dont understand what was you Problem ? I think,,,,you simply fogot to override the GPS signal from the Flight before or ?

  2. Bee Movies

    if you fly with smartphone m it is absoöutly normal to lost signal over 200.300 meters.Buy the Skycontroller and you can fly 1.4 Km or Use Flight Plan and it doesnt matter lose Signal or not

  3. Ulises Mora

    Hey there! Look, i detected that this is a general defect of these drones, im making an international group case, please give me your e-mail if you are interested in a refund or a change of your bebop. I will response right away with the information you need. If they only give us fake solutions by ourselves, we’ll get the real one together! (I’ve changed once my drone and I just lost the one they sent, by something very similar to your accident) write! moramoraulises@gmail.com

  4. Rc JD

    pls help me
    I just bought my New Bebop 2 FVP Pack
    but when I reach with my Bebop2 200 meterse of length The video starts to distort and the drone loses signal with the control!
    pls help me

  5. rcfanaticdublin

    I can't believe you did that without a Skycontroller…was scanning the parramiters as if it were my own Drone…I just fitted a new antenna lead in my one this morning.
    No way will I try it without the dedicated controller.
    I am glad that the return to home finally worked for you?

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