10 Replies to “Parrot Bebop and Parrot Bebop 2 Cameras comparison”

  1. glenesis

    Thanks for this. The B2 camera is oversharpening and very noisy. The B1 camera looks much smoother to me, in my own videos as well. Thanks for this excellent comparison. I only own a pair of B2's now. I wish Parrot would reduce compression and reduce sharpening. It's still my favorite drone, but I have not yet get an Anafi 😉 Cheers my friend!!

  2. troutboynz

    Nicely done, the camera on the Bebop 1 is noticeably sharper with better colour rendering and shadow detail and the Bebop 2 much softer, far prefer the image from the original Bebop!

  3. guinnesspeaks

    Tech support told me that the B1 and the B2 are identical cameras.
    The difference is that the B2 camera chassis is angled more downwards.
    You can order a B2 camera, take it apart and put it on a B1 chassis.
    It would be exactly the same. 
    I think the angle affects how it reacts to light.
    I have also seen the B2 promoted as having a slight improvement to the lens itself.
    But I believe that is simply the angle of the camera, and not actually the glass itself.

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