Parrot Bebop 2 vs DJI Phantom 3 4k – Drone Comparison

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24 Replies to “Parrot Bebop 2 vs DJI Phantom 3 4k – Drone Comparison”

  1. Tommy Sheets

    I have both. My phantom 3 standard holds no comparison, flight time is better, distance is better. Imo bebop 2 is more stable in high winds. Video quality is great 1080 is all you need 4k is overkill. Couldn't be happier with bebop 2. Keeping my dji P3 in the closet and it will remain there.

  2. James Darr

    Here in 2018, Got my Bebop for $189.00 refurbished W/ the skycontroller 2 and goggles off ebay….On the 2nd day I crashed onto the roof of a 7 story building while in FVP….I was decending and had the camera set too high and never saw the building below me until it was too late…IT stayed connected although there was a message that said emergency landing,motors stalled…And I even took a picture of What it saw where ever it went down,showing lots of stainless metal,and part of a ladder it appeared…That happened on a Saturday morning,and the the building was closed.On the following Monday I went in and told the maintenance man,who went up on the roof and FOUND the drone wedged between two huge fan units on top the roof where it fell 20' down in between them! Upon inspection the only damage I found was a small crack on top of the battery housing,and a couple small nicks in the front props….That drone sat on that roof the whole weekend in 28-32 degree temperatures and icing and STILL flies great no problems! My DJI phantom 3 standard couldnt even take 1 hard landing and almost the whole gimbal assembly had to be replaced and I'm STILL having troubled with it! The ONLY thing my DJI has on the Bebop is slightly better video quality,and thats IT! My Parrot beats the DJI in EVERY other catagory!

  3. TheBestGame Reviews

    You cannot compare both of them Phantom Have many flaws and i am talking about Phantom 4 and no 3 its camera one of the best for drones its amazing quality camera but when you fly and want put drone on ground with sand or grass its camera touch the ground and take sand and scratches with it camera itself no protected and most of its sensons doesnt work its wast of money 1600 dollars its no worth it Parrot Bebop 2 on other hand have bad camera compare to Phantom but its smaller and have camera fix for Beginners i suggest to buy parrot but its have many desadvantages like when strong wind comes its image will pixeled no stable its no good phantom on other hand its a little bit heavy and can stand wind much longer but still have camera problem and sensons problem its camera is exposed my choose is Parrot bebop 2 they learn they lesson When they lunch Bebop 2 Because bebop 1 was very bad many flaws in it 2 one finally looks impressive and they correct they mistakes lunching 2 verson of bebop

  4. MY OB

    As stated before this review is biased in favor of the Phantom the part of the video which demonstrates this best is the clip from approx 7:25 to 7:39 the Beebop footage is taken in dry conditions ( naturally less contrast) with much more sunlight the ( tree shadows are about the same size as the trees) the Phantom footage is taken after a rain shower ( more contrast) and later in the day which defines colors better you can tell by the shadows of the trees going clear across the road. I do agree with the review that from a photography point of view the the Phantom is better but I the Beebop is not as bad as its made out to be.

  5. initialJDM

    I think it’s safe to say that the parrot bebop 2 drone is more of a “advanced” toy for those as a beginner, as for the phantom it’s more built as a professional drone, you wouldn’t typically see some dude flying a phantom in the park flying it for fun

  6. jerome drew

    I own a bebop 2 parrot Anafi phantom 3 pro and phantom 4 and I’m drone cinematographer and 3D modeler and I use my bebop 2 and phantom 4 more than my other drones I use my phantom for it video quality and my bebop for it picture quality do to it having a 180 degree fisheye 14 mp camera angle compared to phantom 4 12 mp none fisheye camera the Bebop 2 it is perfect for 3D modeling that is why I always say you can’t make theses comparisons because the platforms are too different and bebop 2 is not a toy if you not wat your doing

  7. LordKwad

    The downside with a gimbal is if the quad comes down hard the gimbal is taking the brunt. I had a home built hex with a £150 gimbal and the quad had a power brown out and the gimbal was destroyed in like 5 seconds as it just smashed feet first into the ground.

  8. maltfoto

    I have owned both drones and the software issues with dji were a deal killer. Always crashing and then the no fly zones enforcement on the dji app made it almost impossible to fly my dji drone in my area. None of those problems with parrot plus Parrott has vastly improved the video on the bebop 2. At 1980p the Bebops look as good as the phantoms

  9. Olena Pylypchuk

    despite on what etab83 says, actually the phantom 3 is junk. I got a parrot bebop 2 for Christmas, and I'm not selling it back and getting a phantom 3 instead. I will protect my drone from such people as YOU. The parrot bebop 2 has much more cool things to go with it than the phantom 3 (witch only has the remote control).

  10. Olena Pylypchuk

    YOU'RE A LIER!!!!!!!!! I once watched a video called ''top best drones'' and' as you know' the phantom 3 WASN'T on the list and the parrot bebop 2 WAS. Oh, I get it, the company who made the phantom 3 just wants to sell it's stupid drone. But the parrot bebop 2 is 100 times BETTER than the phantom 3. SO SHUTUP.

  11. Nameless Droner

    This video makes me feel bad. I just got my bebop 2 and flightcontroler 2 , after 20 flights I love it. And my video quality looks good on my devices.
    The only complaint I have is , it only has 8 gig storage. But other than it’s great.
    I can fly for 20 mins and at almost 40 mph and get really cool footage of different city’s. And I’ve flown out to a mile and half away several times with no issues.

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